Monday, July 15, 2013

Mini Movie Reviews~Seducing Mr. Perfect, My Little Bride, Baby & Me

I watched a couple of really good Korean movies last month and I thought I'd share my views with you guys. :)

Seducing Mr. Perfect stars Daniel Henney (from X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and Uhm Jung Hwa. It was a very funny and cute movie. Though the story was a very typical rom-com movie story, what sets this one apart is that Daniel's character speaks English throughout the movie while Miss Uhm's character speaks Korean. I know it may sound weird, but it doesn't seem that weird while watching the movie. In fact, it's pretty cool. The basic overview is that Daniel is the girl's boss. The girl has a very complicated love life; she gets dumped again and again and again. Daniel is a playboy type of guy and he helps her become like him. I really loved this movie and if you are in the mood for a rom-com, with pretty funny scenes and a gorgeous male lead, I'd recommend watching Seducing Mr. Perfect.

My Little Bride was a really cute movie! Though the male lead was not that gorgeous, his character was really sweet. Yes, he was a pervert, but how he loved his wife... that was the cutest thing ever! And the girl was really cute! I really liked the story. The story is that the girl's grandfather wants the boy and girl to get married. The girl is 15 and she doesn't want to get married yet nor does she want to marry this boy. But some such circumstances arise that they have to get married and then the story follows... It was a cute and funny movie and definitely worth the watch! I loved Kim Rae Won & Moon Geun Young's chemistry!

Baby and Me/Baby and I is the cutest movie ever! Jang Geun Suk looks so cute in this movie! I wish he would change his current hairstyle to the one he had in this movie. He'd look so much better! When I started watching this movie, I had no idea the guy was JGS. He was unrecognizable! Or maybe I was just too used to his long hair... But I had an inkling that it was him, so I searched online and found out that it really was him! And the baby!!!! Oh my God, he's the cutest thing ever!! And the faces he made! He's a born actor, I tell you! The story... At first I thought the story would be like in all these baby-dad movies. And it kinda was. But I loved how with all the humor they also showed the reality stuff. Like responsibilities. Poverty. Love. They touched these serious topics too and some scenes did bring tears to my eyes. I'll tell you in brief what the movie's about. JGS is a rebel-type 18 year old who's parents leave him to fend for himself and he gets a baby in a supermarket with a note that says that the baby is his. The movie then follows the story of how he takes care of the baby and how he slowly starts to love him. I really loved this movie, it doesn't have much romance in it but it is really funny and a bit touchy.

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