Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge~Day 1 (Book Related Confessions)

I was going through my Feed and I came across this awesomesauce challenge hosted by April over at Good Books & Good Wine! I know I'm a bit late (it's Day 3 of the original challenge) but oh well, better late than never. :P

Make 15 book related confessions.
  1. I judge a book by it's cover... I know! Guilty as charged! But I really can't help it. Though my thoughts are not based entirely on that but it does effect which book I might buy.
  2. I cannot not finish a book. Even if I take forever, I will finish what I started. Or else I keep feeling restless and guilty. There are very few books on my could-not-finish list, mostly ones that effected me psychologically and I could not continue with them.
  3. I really don't like hardcovers. They are so hard to read in bead, where I do most of my reading. I like paperbacks the best.
  4. I can't read horrors and thrillers. They scare me too much.
  5. I believe books are always better than movies. (Except in some cases.)
  6. There are some books that I really feel like should be made into a movie or TV show. For example, The Mediator series by Meg Cabot should be made into a TV series. I wouldn't want them to be turned into a movie. And Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher should be made into a movie. I don't think it would make a good TV series. And then there are books that I think shouldn't be made into anything. That they should stay the way they are.
  7. For the said books that I want as movies or TV shows, I have a whole dream cast for them. Sometimes I even imagine me & the people I know as characters in them.
  8. I have arranged my books in my book shelve by series or author. I don't like alphabetical 'cause I want the whole series and books by the same author together. I'd like to do color wise but that, again, is too inconvenient.
  9. I hate it when the book covers in a series don't match. Like, keep to the same pattern please! It really bothers me a lot if, for example, the cover for the first 2 books have the same pattern but then the 3rd one is different, as in the case of The Transcend Time Saga by Michelle Madow.
  10. I care about my books A LOT! I NEVER write on them. Never let them rip or tear. Never touch them with dirty hands. Never shove them in small places. Never fold the pages. I never give my books to anyone either because of the fear that they might do something to my babies!
  11. I don't like people who don't like to read and who think that I'm weird because I love to read. That is why I don't like most people I know. That is why I don't have any many friends.
  12. I spend A LOT of time in book stores, even when I don't buy anything. That is why my mom never takes me book shopping until I beg her to.
  13. I have designed a dream library in my mind and I'm going to make my dream come true one day!
  14. I tend to not read books that are famous and everyone seems to be loving. I feel scared that what if I end up not liking the book. I know, it's stupid. But I can't really help feeling like that. That is why it took me so long to read Harry Potter. Thankfully, I loved those!
  15. Before I became a book blogger, I had no idea that so many different genres and so many amazing books existed. I usually bought what I could get my hands on and so I hadn't read many awesome books. I usually ended up buying the type of books that I didn't even like. I'm very glad that I got introduced to the book blogging community because it was the reason I discovered so many great books that I wouldn't have been able to if I didn't blog or read other book blogs.
*Phew* Finally thought up 15 confessions. That was hard! So, what are your book related confessions? Don't be shy, confess below! 


  1. hehehe i am the same in bookstores ^_^ Nice 15 confessions!! I have a hard time giving my books to others, even if they are family or closest friends.

    1. IKR?! You can't just give away your babies like that! ;P

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by! :D


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