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Drama Review~Full House (Thai)

Title: Full House
Main Cast: Mike D'Angelo as Mike, Sucharat Manaying as Aom Am, Panichkul Uttsada as Guy, Janesuda Jane as Mintra
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Original Run: Jan 11, 2014 to Mar 16, 2014 
Duration: 50 min.
Original Channel: Channel 8
No. of Episodes: 20
Language: Thai
Links: MDL ~ Viki

Synopsis: Aom is a writer who got swindled out of her house during her trip to Korea. She finds out that her house was sold to Mike and in an attempt to get her possessions back, she enters a contract marriage with Mike for one year. Though she lost everything, Aom remains optimistic and takes things in strike. What started out as a business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to care for each other.

My Rating: 10/10

My Thoughts:

THIS. WAS. THE. CUTEST. DRAMA. EVER!!!!!!! OhmyGodIlovedit!!!!!! I'm sorry but I'm way too excited for my review to be coherent! Okay, wait. Deep breath.

Let me start this again. This drama was amazing! I've seen a Thai movie, Shutter, before which was amazeballs! I've also seen a Thai mini movie, The Library, which was also amazing! And now I watched this Thai lakorn which I absolutely loved! I hope my luck with Thai entertainment stays this good ;) Before I start my review let me say that I haven't seen the original Korean version of Full House, nor do I plan to. But people who have seen it say that the Thai version is better so yaay! Now onto my review.

Story: If I had to rate the story alone I would give it a 4, maybe 5, out of 10. I'll be honest, if it weren't for the lead couple I would've hated the story. The fake marriage aspect of it was great and I loved the romance but what was up with Mike? What was his deal with Min & his promise and what not?! That was extremely annoying! Especially since I felt like Min was shown as misunderstood not manipulative and evil like she was. But even if that part of the story was annoying, I really enjoyed the drama overall. Especially the AoMike parts! OTP!!!!!

Actors/Characters: Umm... I think I'm in love... No, seriously, Mike is gorgeous! And I think I'm in love with him..

That said, he was pretty good in this drama. Not Johnny Depp good, obviously, but I think he did a great job and portrayed his character well. I liked Mike (the character), he was adorable! Other than his obsessed-with-Min side, I really liked him. I liked how he was genuinely a nice person and cared about others. He wasn't mean like most "chaebol" characters are. And his relationship with Aom was just the cutest!

I loved Aom! The actress did a really amazing job, there were some scenes (like the one in which she confesses) with I absolutely loved! And I adored her character! She was funny and cute and I love how she stood her own. She refused to be bullied around and even though she was a bit crazy, I really liked her! She was one of the most 'real' characters I have ever seen!

I actually really liked Guy! He was pretty cool and I loved how straightforward he was! That was what I loved the most about him, he wasn't one of those second leads who keep suffering on their own and never say a word. He was pretty honest.

Mintra was the most annoying person ever!! I hated her! She was manipulative and selfish and I really really hated her!

The rest of the cast was okay. Most were there for comedy purposes or to move the story along and all of them did well. Mike's grandmother was adorable!

Romance: The romance was the best part of this drama. AoMike had such amazing chemistry! They reminded me of the InHyun couple. I loved their bickering and their loving glances and how much they cared for each other. I loved how they were like friends and I love love love that they are good friends in real life as well! I simply loved them together!

Overall: The story wasn't the best but the romance was mindblowingly amazing and for that alone this drama deserves a watch! I really hope AoMike soon work on another drama together!


  1. Oh they look adorable! :) I have only seen one Lakorn (Hormones the Series), and i like it. Aside from that, I haven't tried another drama. I think I have to give this one a go. :D

    P.S. If you're looking for other Thai stuff to watch, I suggest GTH movies! :D Hello Stranger, Bangkok Traffic Love Story, Suckseed, etc., etc. :)

    1. You really should! I think you'll like it. AoMike is one of my favorite couples ever!
      Thank you! I'll check out these movies :)

  2. Today is the first time I'm watching a Thai serial. It's awesome. Though I just watched only 4 episode I'm already in cloud 9.

  3. Full house thai was my first thai lakorn as well and i loved it to the bits.. i ship aomike so hard now.. i loved kiss me too and these two shows have become my most fav of all the asian shows I've watched so far

  4. Uff!! I just love them so much. Their chemistry is just awesome. I really loved it. I am obsessed with full house especially aomike. After I watched the last episose I started searching their photos and they were so cute, adorable. I just just love them. Even I didn't watched the Korean version but I am sure Thai is the best. And about the story it was a nice plot, but the way they expressed it was just fantabulous.

  5. I am a huge fan of Full House. I just love it. I am still obsessed with it. The song Oh Baby was so nice. I am a Indian I don't understand Thai I watched it with subtitle. I loved that song so much. And what to say about aomike their chemistry is just awesome. After watching the last episodes I searched for their photos they were looking so cute and adorable. I just love them so much. I think the plot was nice but aomiike make it more entertaining and interesting.

  6. I really loved it. I am obsessed with Full House. I like the chemistry of aomike. They were just awesome. And the song 'Oh Baby'it was so nice. I just loved them. I agree with you that the plot was not very interesting, but you know what I think aomike has some magic, the way they acted,they expressed was the main thing I love about it. Talking about characters I am obsessed with Mike. He looks so handsome. I also like Aom,P'Guy and Granny. Other character whom I loved the most was Junior. Every day I think about Full House. My favourite scenes are from 20 episode. The beach scene and that Junior scene(can I too hug?).

  7. Ofcourse they look good together...this is and will be the favourite show of my life. I luv u MIKE!

  8. I came across your review while looking for another drama of mike and sucharat.I first saw them in Kiss Me so tried to look for another drama.Am now on episode 2 and I am liking it.I will marathon the series tonight :)


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