Thursday, July 11, 2013

Areeba~My friend and an aspiring author

I have a friend (*gasp*) who is an an amazing amazing writer! She writes both, poetry and short stories, and I love reading her work! So today, I thought I might share some of her work with you guys! For more, visit here blog

Lost Hope

Through the jagged glass,
Of a rust stricken window,
Rays of light entered.
In a coarse bed I laid,
Curled vicariously,
Advocating to natural ends, very slowly.
With my soft cry in the air,
I was wilting like an autumn leaf,
Being crushed and torn, under a stranger’s feet.
There were vestigial thoughts in my mind,
Emptiness within my heart,
And in the end, nothing could be done,
Except to rekindle lost hope.

My Mind Will Wander

Staring outside the window of my room,
I lay in my cold bed, hiding in the darkness,
Thinking about my love who had just left,
I feel so used, abused and then accused by every sight.

We were so good, it was a dream come true,
The day we met and I fell in the love’s unconditional depth,
You took my heart away in a minute’s gap.

Remember our first brush in the cold winter night?
We cuddled up and kissed through the night.
Remember that you told me you loved me?
And I made you feel the same.

Now all of this feels unreal,
Ofcourse my mind will wander,
Because you left me in the middle of a decade,
I wish you never did, baby there is none like you, no one would ever be like you!!

Like what you read? Head on over to her blog and tell her! She'd really appreciate the love. :)

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