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Best of 2014~Dramas

I know I'm a bit late. I didn't get time to write this post until now. I watched a lot of dramas this year, especially ones that aired in 2014. I'm going to break up the list in different parts and tell you my favorites in each part. I've added ones that aired in previous years but I watched this year too because a lot of the dramas this year were meh and the ones I loved deserve to be added.

Best Action & Suspense Dramas

Probably the best drama I watched this year. It had great acting, a suspenseful story and masterful directing! It was full of action and suspense and most episodes had me on the edge of my seat. The mystery was great and the cast was one of the best I've ever seen. Everyone played their roles flawlessly and brought these characters to life. A must-watch for anyone who enjoys action & suspense. Read my review here.
Wow! This drama was nothing like I expected. It was amazing and so twisted but in a good way. It was so engaging and really thought-provoking. The cast was awesome, especially Shin Sung Rok! This guy plays creepy, evil so well! It was a really good drama and you never see the plot twists coming. You can read my full review here.

Best Melodrama
This is the only melodrama I have seen. Like ever. I don't really like melos much. But this one was mind-blowingly good! It was a bit slow, yes, but the cinematography, direction, writing, acting, everything was so amazing! Especially the chemistry between the leads! Highly recommended for someone who wants to watch a more mature drama.

Best Romantic Comedies
This was such a cute and funny drama! I laughed out loud plenty of times and I fell in love with these characters! The actors did a great job. It got a bit boring towards the end but it's worth a watch. A great rom-com! Read my review here.
I know this is a 2013 drama but I watched it this year. I can't believe I waited so long to watch this! This drama was really good! I loved the supernatural element and the romance. It has a great story and an awesome cast! So Ji Sub <3 My review.
I know this one is old too but I watched it this year and it's one of the best dramas I have ever watched! I hardly ship couples much but Kim Boong Do and Choi Hee Jin were so adorable together!!! Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na had great chemistry! And this drama had an awesome story! You can read my review here.

Best Mini Dramas

Be Arrogant was such a fun drama! It had womance and girl power and I loved the story and the acting! It was really well-made and executed. Read my review here.
This drama was so funny! And Sungyeol was amazing in this drama! It was really a fun watch and I loved every minute of it! You can read my full review here.
This was probably my first sageuk. It was nothing like I expected though. It was so funny and I loved all the actors and their characters! Especially the main couple. The story was great and those singing village girls were the best part!

Best Couples

One of my all-time favorite couples! These two were so amazing! They had great chemistry and convinced me of their love. They were cute and adorable but also hot and sexy and I loved them together!

The actors as well as the characters have an almost 20 year age difference. But these two proved that age is just a number. These two actors had such great chemistry and their characters' love was so sweet but so intense! 

Even though this wasn't the main couple of the drama they were so cute together! I really wanted them to end up together, they were perfect for each other! I wish I could have written the ending of this drama... Read my review of the drama here.

Best Actors
This was the year of Shin Sung Rok! No seariously, I've never seen anyone play twisted, psycho villains so well! He was amazing and so creepy in both YWCFTS and Liar Game and I enjoyed his characters more than I enjoyed the leads. He is doing an awesome job in The King's Face as well. He has made it onto my all-time favorite actors list and I would love to see what he does in the future!
I liked Park Hae Jin in YWCFTS but I fell in love with him as the hot psychopath Lee Jung Moon in Bad Guys! He did such an amazing job in Bad Guys! I didn't expect him to be this good but he really gave a mind-blowing performance and I fell in love with his character!

I haven't seen Yoo Ah In in anything else but I will definitely be checking out more of his works. He was amazing in Secret Love Affair! He played his character so naturally.
I have seen almost everything Seo In Guk has done and it is no secret that I think he is an amazing actor. He was great in Master's Sun but I absolutely loved him in High School King! He played his character as a high school student so well!

Best Actresses

I've only seen Han Groo in Marriage, Not Dating but I loved her in this drama! She played a difficult character but she made her character so likable! She was funny and believable and I fell in love with her!
I love Yoo In Na! She's one of my all-time favorite actresses! And I absolutely loved her in Queen In Hyun's Man! She is gorgeous and a really good actress. I love how she plays strong, independent characters. She was also amazing in My Secret Hotel even if the drama was a train-wreck.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jo Bo Ah's performance in Surplus Princess! I've seen her in Shut Up Flower Boy Band and she was okay in that but she did an amazing job in Surplus Princess! She played her character so well! She was funny and adorable and I loved her performance!

This ahjumma is gorgeous! Does she look like she is 47? Yes, 47! But not only is she stunning, she is also an amazing actress and I was highly impressed by her performance in SLA!

Best OSTs
The drama was meh but the songs were simply amazing! If only the drama was as good as the songs. I loved each and every song on the My Secret Hotel OST, especially Secret and Trap. All songs are beautiful!
The songs of Marriage, Not Dating OST were so fun and bubbly. Just like the drama and it's characters. My favorites were Love Lane, Call My Name & Stop The Love Now. They never fail to bring a smile to my face.

The songs in Queen In Hyun's Man are beautiful and amazing, even the instrumentals. They are soulful and I love listening to them. My favorites are I'm Going To Meet You, Same Sky Different Time and the instrumental My Man Kim Boong Do.

Honorable Mentions

I really loved the cast of Bad Guys, excluding Kang Ye Won. I already wrote how Park Hae Jin played psychopath Lee Jung Moon so well that you can't help but sympathize with him even though there is a possibility that he might be a serial killer. Jo Dong Hyuk was amazing as Jung Tae Soo! He was charismatic but a total sweetheart and I just loved him! Ma Dong Suk played Park Woong Chul so well! He was a big adorable teddy bear! Kinda weird I'm talking like this about criminals. But seriously, the actors did an awesome job and made these characters likable. And then there's my favorite ahjussi Kim Saang Joong playing Oh Gu Tak. He was amazing! And I loved the bromance between these 4 men!

I'm a pre-med student and hopefully some day I'll be a doctor. I kinda want a boss like Gook Cheon Soo. He is strict, yes, but he is also nice. That being said, Lee Pil Mo was amazing as Chief Gook! I really enjoyed his acting and character. And if I want Chief Gook as my boss, I want to be like Shim Ji Hye. Not only is she gorgeous but she is so cool! And Chief Gook and Doctor Shim were adorable together!

I kinda have a crush on Lee Soo Hyuk... What?! He's gorgeous! And he was amazing in High School King of Savvy! And I'm loving him even more in Valid Love! Gotta love it when he plays broken bad boy! 

I was pleasantly surprised with both Jin Woon's and Sun Hwa's performance in Marriage, Not Dating. Even though they were idols they did a really good job and played their characters really well! I loved these two!

I love Song Jae Rim! I love his voice and accent! I love his face! I love how he is so adorkable and funny! I loved loved loved him as Kwon Shi Kyung in Surplus Princess! And I am love love loving him in We Got Married with Kim Soo Eun! Yeah, I love Song Jae Rim.

Baby Gook is the cutest thing ever!!! And the best thing about Emergency Couple! He is ssooo adorable!! Throughout the second half of the drama I waited for his scenes. Actually, I may have watched the second half only for him. Seriously, he is the cutest baby ever!!

This ahjussi was awesome and so funny! I loved both of his characters, An Ma Nyeo in Surplus Princess & Kim Geum Bo in My Secret Hotel. 

Biggest Disappointments
I love Ji Hyun Woo, Shin Sung Rok & Jung Eun Ji. 3 of my favorite actors are the main cast of a drama. What could go wrong? Apparently a lot. This drama was a wreck from the start. I loved Eun Ji's performance! I even loved Shin Sung Rok as something other than a psycho villain. But Ji Hyun Woo was a mess! Not only was his character lame, his acting was very poor. The story was stupid and boring. And Eun Ji & Hyun Woo had zero chemistry. So this drama was a huge disappointment. Read my review here.
Again, I love Rain, I love Krystal, I love L, I even like Kim Jin Woo! But what was with the musical dramas this year? Like Trot Lovers, My Lovely Girl was a huge disappointment! Rain was good but his character wasn't well-written. Krystal's acting was bland and L's acting was awkward. The story was extremely boring and by the end I was struggling to finish to. You can read my full review here.
I really wish this drama were as good as it's OST! I loved the premise but I don't know what the writers were thinking. They made this into this boring cycle of miscommunications and the characters were so frustrating! This drama could have been so good...

I'll tell you a secret. I didn't like this drama. I didn't even finish it. It was way too cheesy for my taste. I loved it in the beginning but soon the cute got boring. The melodrama was stupid. And I really couldn't make myself go through to the end.
This drama could have been a cute high school drama but it turned into this wannabe mello in which every episode had someone crying and me rolling my eyes and wanting to kill these characters. Seriously, I loved this drama like crazy in the beginning! But it turned into such a mess that I'm angry just thinking about it! You can read my full review here.

And that's my 2014 in dramas. Which dramas did you watch and loved? Comment below!


  1. Wow, Hira! You've watched a lot last year. :) I think I have only watched half of the dramas you included in this post huhu. This reminds to finish Bad Guys! Park HaeJin! <3

    I kind of agree with you on Fated to Love You. I definitely love the couple, because Jang Hyuk is just so amazing. The first half is just pure love, and I laughed a LOT in this drama. However, the melodramatic second half didn't make sense at all. Too bad, really.

    It's adorable how you included Baby Gook in your list! HAHA :)

    1. I don't know how I watched so much! I had no idea I had watched so many dramas until I made this post. And there are still many I didn't mention here! You should really finish it! And then watch it again! I miss it so much, I never wanted it to end! & yes, Park Hae Jin <3

      Yes, I really enjoyed and loved the first half. But I really lost interest when the melo came about.

      Haha! Baby Gook deserves a place here! He was so adorable!!


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