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TV Show/Drama Review~My Love From Another Star

Title: My Love From Another Star/You Who Came From The Stars/My Love From The Star/Man From The Stars or whatever weird name you want to give to the drama

Writer: Park Ji Eun
Director: Jang Tae Yoo
Producer: Choi Moon Suk, HB Entertainment

Main Cast: Jun Ji Hyun as Cheon Song Yi, Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon, Park Hae Jin as Lee Hwi Kyung, Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi, Shin Sung Rok as Lee Jae Kyung

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Melodrama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural
Original Run: 18 December 2013 – 27 February 2014
Running Time: 70 minutes
Original Channel: SBS
No. of Episodes: 21
Language: Korean

Synopsis: Do Min Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. Do Min Joon possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. Later, he discovers that he has three months left on Earth. And that is when he meets Cheon Song Yi, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea.


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My Rating: 8/10

My Thoughts: This drama had two stories; the Cheong Song Yi~Do Min Joon love story and the Lee Jae Kyung  crime story. One of them I liked, the other not so much.

The story I liked:

You would expect me to like the love story, right? But that's not the one I liked. The only reason why I saw this drama to the end was because of Jae Kyung's story. His character fascinated me from the beginning. And parts relating to his story were the only ones that didn't bore me.

Jae Kyung was so creepy and Shin Sung Rok played him so well! I loved the detective (Se Mi's brother)! The actor played him very well and this whole story was just so interesting to watch! 

*Minor spoilers ahead*
I'm so glad that the writer used the "Monsters are born" theme rather than the "Monsters are created" one. I really wanted Jae Kyung to be evil. 'No guilt for my actions' kind of evil. He was already scary and all through the drama I kept wishing that they wouldn't justify his actions by saying that some tragic accident made him like this. So I was glad that this went the way I wanted to.
*End of spoiler*

I only wish this story would have been dealt with more. That there would have been more of this story in the drama. But that wasn't possible because the main story was the love story...

The story that was meh:

I should have liked the love story... The acting was amazing and I really liked the characters as well. I felt really guilty for yawning through Song Yi-Min Joon romantic scenes. But they bored me. I think maybe that was more my fault than their's... There were some scenes that I liked though. The beginning scenes were funny and cute. You know, before they swore their undying love for each other. The kiss scenes were pretty good too. But I got really bored with them in the second half of the drama.

I wish they would've showed how Do Min Joon's planet was. At least given a little more detail...

Other things I liked:

I loved Song Yi's brother! I want a whole drama with him as the main character! At first he was mysterious, then he became cute and I really loved him! What I can't believe is that he, who was I think about 18 years old, was played by a 26 year-old guy! And it didn't even show (unlike Lee Min Ho in Heirs)!

I loved Do Min Joon and Lawyer Jang's relationship! It was adorable! Lawyer Jang was adorable!

I really didn't like Hwi Kyung at the beginning. But when he started investigating his brother and showed how smart he was, I fell in love with him! I honestly thought he would say 'My brother can't be like that.' and turn a blind eye to everything. But he proved how smart and strong he was! I'm proud of you Hwi Kyung!

Final Verdict: This was a good drama. The acting was outstanding! And the story was pretty interesting as well. I would highly recommend this drama! For me, it was worth the watch. If not the love story, it made  for a good crime story!


  1. I love HwiKyung! I usually don't like secondary male leads, but HwiKyung is an exception. I feel so sorry for him when he starts learning about his brother. :(

    I love the romance angle than the crime one, but nevertheless, I enjoyed reading your review, Hira! :)

    1. Yes! I wanted to give him a hug! Poor guy :(

      Thank you! :) I think me not liking the romance was my fault not the dramas...

  2. ....Park Ji-eun and Jang Tae-yoo you did a great work, I appreciate your korean drama and it hits deep in the heart of the Philippine people, cheon song yi and do min-joon and all the character did well in their roles, we are hoping for the part 2 of the same characters, that was a great drama I've watched, God bless :)

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