Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Spotlight~Secret from My Secret Hotel OST (Song)

On my second Sunday Spotlight post I will be featuring a song I have been obsessed with since it came out! I've been listening to it nonstop! And when I'm not listening to it I'm humming it in my head. It's so good!

It's the song Secret from My Secret Hotel OST Part 1. I'm loving this drama so much! And this song caught my attention several times. I made out the English lyrics and I actually thought this was an English song. The guy's voice does sound a lot like Gary Lightbody's (from Snow Patrol) voice. But then this song kept coming up again and again and I listened to it very carefully and realized it was in Korean. So I searched and downloaded it and I'm loving it!

It has such a slow, haunting melody! It is perfect for the drama and so different from other drama OSTs I have listened to. The English part is actually pretty good and I love the "deep inside everybody lies" lyric. The lyrics of the whole song are great (translated lyrics below). I love Yoon Sung Ki's voice and the girl's voice in the few parts adds to the haunting feeling of the song.

All in all I really love this song and I hope you enjoy it as well. Happy listening!

Lyrics in English:

Your memories that trap me
I try to erase them
But like a lie, we’re still in the same place
You better not cry
Deep inside everybody lies
You better not to know
It is a secret song
Right now, this anxious happiness is stained black
Holding me inside this crumbling time
You better not cry
Deep inside everybody lies
You better not to know
It is a secret
Take it! please Take it!
You just have to trust me.
I can’t take it!
Love is like a dying firework
I try to hide but I can’t avoid fate
You better not cry.
Deep inside everybody lies.
You better not to know.
It is a secret love.
(Source: pop!gasa)


  1. This song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it. Like you said, a very haunting melody. Yoon Seong Ki has a great voice as well. However I was wondering if that woman's low pitched voice singing Secret Love in certain scenes in the drama is some kind of cover of the same song or a different song altogether or just a portion made specially for effect for the drama? Really love that portion would like to download the full version if there is one :]

    1. The woman's voice is a part of the song. On Dramawiki it says Yoon Sung Ki feat. Lee So Ri so I think the woman singing in the chorus is Lee So Ri. I think the full version is out.

      Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you like the song! :D

    2. no i'm pretty sure it's a different song altogether. The tune and words are different and the song's entirely in English. I also noticed another song in the latest episode sung by a woman which is in both Korean and English. I guess these are all part of the extended OST since I believe they don't release all the songs in one go or too early in the show. Hopefully they'll be released soon I like the former song even better than Seong Ki's Secret ^^

    3. Oh I think you're talking about the 'my secret love' song, the one that appeared in the first episode after the body fell down and our OTP looked at each other. Yes, that's a different song and I don't think it's out yet. I have yet to watch the latest episodes but yes, I also hope they release new songs soon because this drama really has an awesome OST!


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