Thursday, August 28, 2014

Favorite Five Friday~Favorite Infinite Dance Steps

Favorite Five Friday is another feature I am introducing to the blog where I will post a top five list each week on any random topic. I've been obsessed with Infinite this week so today my list consists of my favorite dance steps by them.

1. Opening dance of Back

I really love this dance! It's so cool how another person mirrors some dance moves of the person who is singing. I love the jerky dance and it is so mesmerizing, watching them!

2. Scorpion Dance in BTD

This is a very popular dance of their's and rightfully so! It's so cool and amazing how synchronized they are and how they do the step! I'm no dancer but the step seems pretty hard and it shows how hard they have worked to master it!

3. Last Romeo chorus dance

The dance I'm talking about appears at around the 1:47 mark but you can see it better at 2:50. It's the finger snapping dance, the one they do at the "kkeutnasseo naui jeonbureul da geolgesseo" part. This is their first dance step I fell in love with. It's just so awesome and makes you want to dance along with them!

4. Come Back Again chorus dance

The "dasi dorawa" step is so catchy! Like I really want to dance along to this part every time it comes up! In this video it comes around the 0:34 mark but you can see it every time the chorus comes up.

5. Robot zombie dance in BTD

I don't think it's actually called the 'robot zombie dance' but I made that up because they look like robot zombies when they perform it. It appears at around the 1 minute mark. The step seems easy but it looks so cool!

So, which one was your favorite?

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