Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Spotlight~Please Don't... by K. Will (Music Video)

Sunday Spotlight is a new feature on my blog where every Sunday I will talk about something. It could be anything, from a book to an author or a drama or a singer or even another blog. Today I will be talking about (or writing about is more appropriate) a music video.

I had food poisoning last week, not very serious but serious enough that I missed 3 days of classes. Instead of studying, like any good student would, I explored the world of Kpop. I have been addicted to Kdramas since the start of last year but other than Super Junior I had no knowledge of Kpop. So I searched for music videos on youtube and found some very funny reaction videos! But that not what we're talking about right now. In the midst of my MV watching I came across a video that surprised me with it's originality and daring content.

You see, same sex relationships aren't really touched on much in dramas or MVs. Reply 1997 is the only drama I've seen with a gay guy. And Please Don't is the only MV I have seen with a gay guy. Funny how both have Seo In Guk in them ;)

So naturally I was very surprised by it. But I also loved the MV. Honestly, I had an inkling from the start that Seo In Guk's character likes Ahn Jae Hyun's, even though they tried so hard to make it seem that Seo In Guk was in love with his best friend's girl. I love Ahn Jae Hyun and Seo In Guk as actors and they were awesome in this MV, especially Seo In Guk. His expressions and reactions are really good!

The editing and shots are really awesome! They looked beautiful when they were supposed to, sad when they were supposed to. It really made watching the MV all the more fun.

I am a HUGE fan of story-like MVs i.e. music videos that tell a story. And this one told a story of a gay guy who was in love with his straight best friend who was getting married to his annoying girl friend and the poor guy couldn't do anything about it. It was a bittersweet MV, very well directed and definitely one of my favorite MVs ever!

The song? Honestly, I don't really remember much of the song. I do remember that K. Will has a really good voice! But I was so caught up in the MV that I didn't pay much attention to the song. I don't know what the lyrics meant or if they matched the video either. All I know is that I loved this video!

I know this post is all over the place. I promise next time I'll do better research and write a better post! Till then, enjoy the video:

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  1. I really loved the video. Thanks 4 that. I recently finish to watch -reply 1997- and i fall in love with seo in-guk. But what means MV?
    Thanks for reply XDXDXD


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