Friday, September 5, 2014

Favorite Five Friday~Favorite Asian Movies

This Friday I'll be listing my favorite Asian movies. Once upon a time I used to watch a lot of Asian movies. Nowadays I don't have much time and the little time that I do get, I spend in watching dramas. So this is a list of the top five Asian movies I have seen so far:

5. Paradise Kiss (Japanese)

This is the latest Asian movie that I have seen. I really enjoyed this one! It's cute and funny but also has a seriousness to it. The story and acting are pretty good. You can read my full review here.

4. I Give My First Love To You (Japanese)

Oh this movie made me cry so much! The story isn't very unique but it's just so sad! The actors did a great job and this movie was very sad & beautiful. Read my full review here.

3. Bokura Ga Ita (Japanese)

Yup, another Japanese movie. I've noticed that Japanese movies based on manga are usually pretty good. This movie was no exception. It was bittersweet and executed so well! The actors did a great job and I loved the movie! Read my review here.

2. Shutter (Thai)

Yes, I even have a horror movie here! I love watching horror movies, especially Asian ones and Shutter is probably my favorite one out of all the ones I have watched. The story is very well-written and the horror in this movie is so good! The acting and effects are really good too. A must-watch for any horror fan.

1. Sunny (Korean)

I loved this movie so much! It made me laugh and it made me cry and it made me miss my friends and my school days so much! The story, acting, everything was brilliant in this movie and I think everyone should watch it at least once. You can read my full review here.

Have you seen any of these movies? What Asian movies do you like best? I would love some recommendations!


  1. I love Sunny, too! It's one of my favorites as well. :)

    I haven't watched the live action movie Paradise Kiss but I've watched the anime. Based on you review, the tone of the movie seems a bit different from the anime. Hehe. But I'm interested, I guess I have something to look forward to watching this weeked. :)

    Anyway, I hope you're doing well Hira! :)

    1. I think the movie is a bit different from the anime. But I can't say for sure since I haven't watched the anime. I hope you enjoy the movie!

      I'm doing good :) Extremely busy now that college has started! How are you doing?


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