Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sunday Spotlight~Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (Book)

I know I missed last week's Sunday Spotlight post and this week's Favorite Five Friday post and I'm really sorry to anyone who might be looking forward to them. But college started last week and I've been so busy, I don't even have time to breath! Today though I didn't have any classes so I'm here posting! :)

This week I'm spotlighting the book that introduced me to the world of YA. Before reading Thirteen Reasons Why, back in 2010, I read anything I could get my hands on. Usually it was Agatha Christie or R. L. Stine or some chick-lit novel which were very popular at that time. I did enjoy these but I never loved them. Then I came across Thirteen Reasons Why. I used to run a Disney blog and while searching for news for that I found an article saying that Selena Gomez would be playing Hannah in the movie version of the book. I found the synopsis interesting and decided to get the book. I accidentally got the audio version but since I had already gotten it I decided to listen to it.

I loved it! I listened to it all in one go. I stayed up all night listening to it and I loved it so much! Since then I have listened to it thrice and I even bought the paperback because I really loved this book! After that I discovered what Young Adult was. Since I was a young adult I could relate to and understand these books better. So I started reading them more. I do venture into other genres from time to time but YA is definitely my home.

The most amazing thing about TRW was that it was told from Clay's and Hannah's POV but Hannah's was recorded on tapes. So when I listened to it, it was like I was listening to Hannah's tapes. Which was so cool and made the experience so much more fun and memorable. This book is so haunting and really stays with you.

I'm really excited about the movie though I don't think it will be made for a while. I really hope they make it soon. I think Selena will do a good job but I'm more interested in seeing how they will make it and what things they will leave out what they will keep.

For more info on the book you can visit these links: Goodreads ~ Author Site ~ Official Site ~ Facebook

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