Friday, September 26, 2014

Favorite Five Friday~Favorite Book Couples

I know, I know. Favorite Five Friday and Sunday Spotlight are the only posts I've been posting recently. But I really have no time for anything else. I didn't even watch any dramas this week because I've been busy with tests. But I'm pretty sure you're not here to read my sad story so lets get to the post.

Last week I told you about my favorite drama couples. This week I'll be writing about my favorite book couples. These book couples range from cute to sexy and everything in between. I love reading about different couples and their relationships and stories. So here are my top five favorite couples:

1. Jake & Samantha from What I Did't Say by Keary Taylor

These two were probably the most 'real' couple I've read about. Their stories were heartbreaking yet relatable and the way they supported and helped each other was like a real couple would. They were very close to reality and I loved how they healed each other. They were like best friends.

2. Jesse & Suze from The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot

Aaaa!! These two were adorable! The way Jesse took care of Suze, the way he called her 'querida', it was all so swoony! They were adorable together!

3. Kyle & Val from V is for Virgin by Kelly Oram

Oh I loved these two! I loved their bickering and witty remarks. I loved how they were so different and yet so similar. They were a unique and sexy couple and I loved everything about them!

4. Noah & Echo from Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

I loved their story! I loved how they helped heal each other. How supposedly they weren't right for each other but they were perfect together.

5. Sam & Chelsea from Speechless by Hannah Harrington

Sam & Chelsea were more like friends and Sam is just the kind of boy I would fall for in real life. They were really cute together!

So these were my favorite book couples. I would love to know yours! So hit the comments section and tell me about your favorite book couples!

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