Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mini Review~Love and Other Four-Letter Words by Carolyn Mackler

Title: Love and Other Four-Letter Words
Author: Carolyn Mackler
Publisher: Delacorte Books
Pub Date: February 19th 2009
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Synopsis: With her parents splitting up, 16-year-old Sammie Davis may not want to feel a thing, but feelings happen. For starters, she’s plenty angry. Her dad’s leaving their upstate New York home and moving clear across 
the country. Her mother—well, she’s packing up and relocating to New York City with Sammie, who has no say about any of it. Overnight Sammie is forced to deal with change. And one change spawns another: Roles get reversed, old and new friendships tested, and sexual feelings awakened. It’s a scary time. But as Sammie realizes that things can’t stay the same forever, that even the people she loves and trusts the most can disappoint her, she begins to accept that change isn’t always bad. It’s how you cope, jumbled feelings and all, that counts. And as she copes, Sammie’s sense of self emerges proud and strong.

Rating: 7.5/10
Source: Bought
Cover Talk: The covor's really pretty. I love the guitar case and how it is actually related to the book (Sammie plays guitar). I love the purple background and the fonts, especially how the author's name is written in a circle around the flower. It's really pretty.

My Thoughts: I really liked this book. In a sentence, it was short and sweet. The story was really nice and I enjoyed seeing (or reading about) Sammie grow and mature. She felt a lot of things I sometimes do so it was nice reading how she coped with it.

Sammie, as a character, was good. I liked her voice (as in how she thought) but she didn't really have an impact on me. Her mother really annoyed me and I hated Katie (or was it Katy?). I'm glad she (somewhat) realized Katie was a bitch. Sorry for the language, but I could really relate to Sammie here 'cause I had this so-called "bestfriend" who used me as a therapist and didn't really care about me. So I get a little emotional.

Anyway, I wouldn't particularly recommend this book, as it didn't really stay with me and I'm pretty sure I'll forget about it soon (most of which I already have) but it was nice and if you want then go ahead and give it a try!

About The Author:

Carolyn graduated from Vassar College. When her book The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things was named as one of ALAs Top Ten Banned Books of 2006, Carolyn became an advocate against banning books. She lives with her husband and son in New York City.

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