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Mini Review~Kiss Me Tomorrow by Susan Shreve

Title: Kiss Me Tomorrow
Author: Susan Richards Shreve
Publisher: Scholastic
Pub Date: November 1st 2007
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Genre: Cotemporary, Realistic Fiction, MG
Synopsis: There are too many men in Blister’s life. Starting with her father, the irresponsible Jack Reed, who’s happy to play the role of “Dad”…as long as it doesn’t inconvenience his wife, Tamara. Then there’s Frank Holt, the boyfriend of Blister’s mom, who might actually be a good guy — but Blister’s not sure she wants him to be. There’s Jakob Cutter, a tough (but cute) seventh-grade boy; now he’s casting his charming shadow over Blister. But does he like Blister for real, or is he just trying to find out what her best friend Jonah has told the police? And finally, there’s Jonah himself, who makes one critical error in judgment that may land him in jail. And another for kissing Blister when she comes to his rescue…

Rating: 3.5/10
Source: Bought
Cover Talk: I really like he cover, front and back. It's simple and related to the story. But I'm not so sure about the title 'cause it doesn't really go with the story at all.

My Thoughts: The story was ok. The characters were fine too. Nothing special about any of it. But it's the writing that really irritated me. First of all, why did the writer have to use full names EVERYTIME? I get that the character's name is Jack Reed, or whatever. Why did she have to write the full name again and again and again?

Another thing that got on my nerves was the fact that the author repeated the story in every chapter, actually in every other paragraph. I don't see the need to do that. Any person would start the book from the beginning then why would she tell the whole back story again and again? Maybe she thought the readers don't have a good memory and they need to be reminded again. I would've been fine with it if it would've been once or twice, in the whole book. Here, it was once or twice in each chapter!

Other than that, the story, as I said, was fine. It wasn't anyhing special or different but I liked. Or at least I thought it was ok. Characters were your normal, average pre-teens. They weren't memorable or anything but I'm glad they weren't annoying either.

In short, it was an ok book. But I wouldn't really recomment it to anyone.

Favorite Quotes:

“Sometimes, Blister was thinking, the only person in the world she could really count on was herself, and that was not enough.” 

“It may be true that you can't judge a book by its cover," Daisy G. had told Blister just last summer. "But the cover tells you something about the book and don't ever pretend it doesn't.” 

“I'm sick in the heart," Blister aid, climbing into the car. "I don't need the doctor."

"Heartsick is the worst," Daisy G. said.” 

About The Author:

Also know as Susan Shreve. Received the following awards: Jenny Moore Award, George Washington University, 1978; Notable Book citation, American Library Association (ALA), 1979, for Family Secrets: Five Very Important Stories; Best Book for Young Adults citation, ALA, 1980, for The Masquerade; Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies, National Council for Social Studies and the Children's Book Council joint committee, 1980, for Family Secrets: Five Very Important Stories; Guggenheim award in fiction, 1980; National Endowment for the Arts fiction award, 1982; Edgar Allan Poe Award, Mystery Writers of America, 1988, for Lucy Forever and Miss Rosetree, Shrinks; Woodrow Wilson fellowships, West Virginia Wesleyan, 1994, and Bates College, 1997; Lila Wallace Readers Digest Foundation grant.

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