Friday, October 3, 2014

Currently Watching

Despite the tests I'm currently watching a lot of ongoing dramas and TV shows. But I only get to catch up on weekends. Good thing a lot of them are about to end soon so I will have less to watch. I just don't have the heart to drop any. Here is the stuff I'm currently watching:


1. My Secret Hotel

This one's beginning to bore me. I was never invested enough to be frustrated and that is why I am just bored. The romance is all over the place and frankly I have stopped caring about it. I did like the mystery but it's given such less importance that now I don't care about that either. The only good thing about this drama are the OSTs. The songs are seriously very good and have been on replay on my iPod since they came out!

2. My Lovely Girl

Hmm... I don't now about this one. I am enjoying it but I feel like it's going to disappoint me. It's still too early to say, I've only seen 4 episodes. Rain is really good and Krystal is doing a good job as well. I liked her better in Heirs though but I think that was because of her character. I wish Myungsoo (L) was a better actor. He's adorable but his acting... Hoya's doing a good job though. And this is completely out of the blue but Sungyeol's brother (who plays one of the band members) is so much like him! I mean in the way he looks and talks.

3. Surplus Princess

I was actually quite enjoying this one. I'm sad that it got cut down to only 10 episodes. It is a fun drama. It has good humor and I am enjoying the story as well. I especially love Ha Ni and how Jo Bo Ah is playing her!I hope they end it well...

4. High School - Love On

This one is just so cute! I'm loving the story and even though the acting isn't that good, it's not cringe-worthy and it's always great seeing my Infinite boys. I like where the story is going and how real the characters feel.

TV Shows:

1. Once Upon A Time

The first episode was meh. With such an awesome season finale I was expecting a great season premiere but it fell a little flat. I'm sure it will pick up though. I'm loving the Frozen arc!

2. Supernatural

I know this hasn't premiered yet but it will next week and I do plan on watching it. I can't wait!!!! My mother can't wait either! This is the only show we watch together so I'm pretty excited. When I talk to her about other shows she doesn't understand a thing but Supernatural is something we both love so it's fun talking to her about it.

3. Reign

Wow! That was a great first episode! Mary is changing so much! I don't know if it's for better or worse... So many mysteries and threats! Bash <3 This season is going to be intense!

4. The Vampire Diaries

That was actually a pretty good first episode. That ending!!! But yeah, I actually enjoyed it and the mystery is really intriguing. I'm looking forward to this season,  I hope the writers don't disappoint.

Variety Shows:

1. It's Okay, Roommate

Only 1 episode has aired till now. I do like the new members, they seem fun (and funny!) but I'm going to miss the old ones as well. I hope this will be as much fun as the first season!

2. We Got Married (JungJung Couple)

I know this isn't ongoing but I am watching it... and I love these two! They are so adorable! They are a very different couple from what we usually see on We Got Married (not that I watch a lot of it). I love how they play games with each other but at the end of the day they really do care for each other. Jung Joon Young is so adorkably shy and super funny! And Jung Yoo Mi really has a lot of patience! They are not very cutesy and sweet. But they are unique and sweet in their own way.

I know, I know... I'm watching a lot. Really though, I have no idea how it got so out of hand! The thing is, one drama or the other (High School Love On, I'm looking at you) keeps postponing their episodes and then I pick up something new. Plus all the new TV show seasons are starting and that is why my list grew so much. And everyone needs variety in their life to laugh the stress away. So I ended up watching 10 shows at the same time. No wonder I don't have time for anything else... Tests on weekdays, shows on weekends...

Anyway, are you watching any of these? If yes, what do you think about it/them? What are you currently watching? Comment below and lets fangirl over Bash & Damon together! Unless you want to talk about how cute the JungJung couple is. ;)


  1. I like your reviews, will start watching surplus princess...
    The new couple in WGM jae rim and so eun are soooo adorable and funny you should watch them ;)

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I hope you enjoy it! I do watch them & I'm loving them! They really are so adorable and funny!


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