Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Korean Variety Show "Roommate"

I don't usually watch variety shows AT ALL! But during my exams I needed something to relax me. I couldn't watch a TV show or drama or read a book because then I wouldn't be able to stop. And I had been seeing Roommate a lot around Tumblr. So I decided to give it a try. And now I am hooked!

I love it! It's so funny! But I also like how it focuses on family and friendship. I knew half of the Roommate cast before so it is really interesting to see how they are in real life.

I can sense that a lot of it is scripted but it doesn't bother me much. I just wish they would stop forcing the love lines and let the people be. I enjoy their daily interactions. I like how caring and nice they are towards each other, even if it may be for the camera.

In this show 11 celebrities have been put into the same house and are now living as housemates. They have been separated into rooms with 2 or 3 people in each and we get to see how they go about their daily lives.

The cast includes:

1. Lee So Ra, Park Bom and Song Ga Yeon in Room 1

I did not know any of them before this show. I really like So Ra, she is like an older sister. Bom has a weird personality but she is very likeable. Ga Yeon is probably my favorite out of all the roommates. She is really cute and innocent!

2. Jo Se Ho and Lee Dong Wook in Room 2

I didn't know both of them either, before the show. Se Ho is really funny but I feel sorry for him. He isn't treated that nicely... I know it's weird but I had no idea who Lee Dong Wook was before the show. I knew about Hotel King but I never saw the drama neither have I ever seen anything with him in it. I really like him though. He is nice and I like his friendship with Se Ho and how he treats Ga Yeon like a sister.

3. Hong Soo Hyun and Nana in Room 3

I've seen Hong Soo Hyun in Lie To Me and I really liked her in that. It's really nice to see her here. I did not know Nana and in the beginning she seemed very narcissistic but I like her now.

4. Park Chan Yeol and Shin Sung Woo in Room 4

I knew EXO but I was never a huge fan so I did't know Chan Yeol. I love him on Roommate! He is so cute and innocent! And I love his relationship with Shin Sung Woo. I didn't know Shin Sung Woo either, before but I really like him! He is like a father/mother to everyone (Hence the nickname Mama Shin) and he cares so much for everyone.

5. Park Min Woo and Seo Kang Joon in Room 5

Now these two pretty boys I did know (and love) before the show. I've seen Min Woo in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and I loved him in that! I love him even more in Roommate! And while Roommate was airing I was also watching Sly and Single Again. That is where I saw Kang Joon. I loved him in Sly and Single but he is very different in Roommate. I do still like him though.

If you're thinking of watching Roommate then you definitely should! It's funny but also emotional and the cast is really nice. It is a good way to relax and take a break.


  1. Don't you think this show is kind of weird? As of now, 9 episodes have been out. Does that mean they've been living together for 9 weeks? Or do they just go live at that house sometimes? Because there's an episode out every week, but each episode consists of only a few days. So do they have like certain days they record in the house and days they don't? or use for the interviews? I'm just very confused as to how this show works. If you have an idea please explain it to me!

    1. Hmm... I never really thought about it, to be honest... I think they do live in the house, like permanently. And I do know that the episodes aren't aired in their actual order, for example they might show something that happened afterwards and in the next episode they show something that happened before that. And usually it's only 1-2 days per episode and this show started shooting before it started airing so I don't think they have been living for 9 weeks and that each episode shows one week. 2-3 episodes may have been shot during the same week. I don't really know though, I don't think about it much. Just enjoy the ride ;)

  2. I agree with Hira, just enjoy the variety show :) Anyway its just an entertainment.

  3. Trueness! I looove this show even though it's scripted. I'm just sad for Bom, though. Everything crumbled when she left the show. :(


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