Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Spotlight~The Truth: Diary of a Gutsy Tween by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Growing up for preteens is tough, but having a secret diary can help. That’s what the unnamed sixth-grade narrator of The Truth: Diary of a Gutsy Tween discovers. Recording her toughest questions and most intimate thoughts, the narrator’s musings will help preteens address real-life problems, questions, and emotions. She will help other girls answer questions like: How do you deal with a bully? A teacher who says you’ve asked a “silly” question? Or when parents fight? Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein covers a spectrum of usual tween troubles girls will relate to, teaching them how to handle difficult situations and how to carry the best part of themselves into adulthood.

A great book for mothers and daughters to read together, The Truth will help improve communication, understanding, and self-esteem for young girls on the cusp of becoming a teenager.

About the Author

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is a positive psychologist and writer. Holstein is the originator of the Enchanted Self® positive psychology method for increasing happiness and has a private practice in New Jersey. She is the author of positive therapy books for adults such as The Enchanted Self, as well as a series of popular fictional diaries for girls.


  1. Thanks so much for your review! I look forward to lots of kids reading The Truth and following the girl as she makes it into being a tween and then a teen!

  2. Any chance you can add your review to my Amazon page for The Truth, Diary of a Gutsy Tween? I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

    1. I'm sorry, I don't have an Amazon account..


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