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Book Review (ARC)~Timeless by Michelle Madow

Title: Timeless
Author: Michelle Madow
Series: Transcend Time Saga #3 (Final)
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Pub Date: November 20th 2012
Format: ebook
Pages: 205
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

In Remembrance, Lizzie and Drew changed the course of fate so they could be together. 

In Vengeance, Chelsea set fate back on its original, deadly path. 

Now, strange things keep happening to Lizzie. Things that are omens of darkness to come. A curse has doomed her to die an early death, just as she did in her past life. To make things worse, even if she can figure out who cast the curse, it's irreversible. There's only one option left for her to save herself. It's crazier than anything she's heard yet, and to do it, she'll need Drew and Chelsea's help.

Because to make things right, they must go back to when it all began …

Rating: 9/10
Source: I received this book be the author in return for an honest review. Thank you so much Michelle!
Cover Talk: I like the cover, but I wish it would've been like the previous two. I love it when a series have similar covers (as in not exactly the same but the same theme or color scheme), like Remembrance and Vengeance had. It shows that the books are from the same series. This cover is too different.

My Thoughts: When I received the book I was like:

Then I realized I was having my exams and I was like:

But I couldn't control myself so I read a little every night, and spent the whole next day like this:

But it was so worth it!! I loved this book! It had me hooked from the first page and if I wouldn't have been having my exams, I would've read this book all in one go!

I think this was the perfect finale! It had suspense, adventure, romance and even a little bit horror. I loved every moment of it!

The writing was, as usual, great. I really like Michelle's writing. She doesn't over do descriptions and keeps everything fresh and entertaining.

I really liked how I got to learn more about Chelsea's and Lizzie's friendship. It made me understand Chelsea much better. And she isn't that much of a bad person.

And how can I forget Drew?! Oh Drew...

We get to see more of Drew's family in this book. But I don't think there was much of Drew in the book. I wish I would've gotten a chance to read more about him, or more of his scenes.

Also there weren't many romantic scenes in the book either. And I know that it's me, not the book, but I would've liked more romantic scenes too. I love me some romance 

You know how Jane Austen said "If a book is well written, I always find it too short." That's exactly how I feel about this book. I really didn't want it to end. This book, and the series. But sadly they did...

*sniffing* Well all in all, it was a great book. The only reason I gave it a 4.5 was because it didn't have more of Drew or romance in it. But that's just me...

If you have read the previous books, let me tell you, you are going to LOVE this book!

And if you haven't, then what are you waiting for?! Go and buy them! They are wonderful!

Favorite Quotes:

His grandparents were going to think I was totally pedestrian. “Don’t worry,” Drew said, as if he could read my mind. “They’re going to love you.” “How do you know?” I asked. “Because I love you,” he said, nuzzling his nose into my cheek. “So they have no other choice but to love you as well.”

He kissed me then, sweet and loving, the warmth of his lips making the cold disappear around me. In moments like this, it was only me and Drew, and nothing could touch us. If only those moments could last forever.

About The Author: 

In the fall of 2008, Michelle saw Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” music video for the first time. She thought up a story to go along with the video, and wrote the first chapter as a homework assignment for class. Her classmates and teacher loved it so much that they wanted to know what happened next, so Michelle continued writing, and that story eventually became Remembrance, the first novel in the Transcend Time Saga. She’s so happy to be able to share this series with you, and hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she loved writing it!

Check out her website,, to add her on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and her many other social networking sites.

Michelle lives in Florida, and is hard at work writing more novels for young adults.

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