Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Challenges

I was not able to complete any of my 2012 challenges except the Goodreads one.

Probably because I couldn't keep track of them. I know, I'm ashamed! But I promise I'll try my best this year! I'll keep track of all of them and actually join the ones I know I'll be able to complete.

So next year I'll be doing these challenges:

1. Off The Shelf Reading Challenge hosted by Bookish Ardour

I think I tried this last year too. I'm a failure, I know!

But I'm trying again and this time I'll be able to finish! I'm going for the second level (Trying), that is, I have to  read 15 books off my shelf of books I've gotten prior to 2013. I'll be posting the reviews and updates as I go along. I'm not deciding on a list beforehand because I think it'll be easier this way.

2. Ebook Challenge hosted by Workaday Reads

I've got A LOT of ebooks. I think this challenge is a good way to get myself to read them. I'll be trying the second level, CD, in which I have to read 10 ebooks. Again, I won't be choosing books beforehand. I'll just add them as I go along.

3. Manga/Graphic Novel/Video Gamel Novel Challenge hosted by Mother. Gamer. Writer.

I love manga! This challenge would be great for catching up on all the manga I have lined up in my TBR. I'll be doing Level 1 Arcade Gamer-Casual Player i.e 12 books. Same as previous, I'll list the manga as I read them so no list beforehand.

So these are the reading challenges I'm hoping to complete in 2013. Wish me luck! Other than these, there is obviously the Goodreads challenge in which I'll be aiming for 75 books. This year I did 50 books and I'm happy to say that I exceeded that number :D

So what challenges are you guys participating in next year? Comment below and let me know!

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