Friday, December 4, 2015

Book Songs (Part 4)

You can find the previous posts here, here and here. This time I'll be featuring High Above The Ground by Daughtry which is the perfect song for Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead*

You and I both, we come from different worlds
I'm a small town kid and you're an uptown girl
We've both been hurt, we got a few scars
But it don't matter now, we're staring at the stars

This stanza perfectly describes Brittany & Alex. Alex is a small town boy and Brittany is an uptown girl. They both have scars and secrets and their lives are really hard. They've been hurt but when they're together nothing else matters. They heal each other.

When it comes to my heart you got it catching fire
Deep down in my soul I know that I would die
If I didn't have you how could I ever fly?
100 miles beyond the sky

This stanza is all about Alex and how he loves Brittany so much that his heart is 'caught on fire'. I feel like the second line explains how deep down Alex knows that his relationship with Brittany would kill him as she's from a completely different place and there's his gang as well. The last 2 lines explain how Brittany helped Alex escape the clutches of the gang. He could fly freely because of her. 

It's feeling like we're high above the ground
It's feeling like we're never coming down
Till we want to
But why would we want to?

This one's pretty straightforward. When Alex & Brittany are together it feels to them that they're high above the ground and they won't come down till they want to. But why would they want to come down when all that's waiting for them is their messed up lives and problems. When they're together they're happy and they don't have to worry about their problems.

Remember that day, we knew it from the start
We've come a long way and we're gonna go far
I see the future in your eyes
Forever and always, you and I

Alex is remembering the day they first met and how they've come so far. He sees a future with her and says that they'll be together forever.

When we're so close to heaven
Underneath the moonlight, yeah it's paradise
It's gonna be too hard to say
Goodnight yeah

With her it's paradise and it's too hard for Alex to say goodbye to her.

This song was pretty straightforward and I feel like it's completely goes with Perfect Chemistry! What do you think? Do you have any songs that remind you of certain books?

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