Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Do songs remind you of books?

Ever heard a song and felt like it describes a book so perfectly that it might as well be written for it? If you said yes, then you're not alone! Though it's not frequently, but sometimes I'm listening to a song and the lyrics remind me so much of a particular book that it's hard to believe that the song wasn't written for it.

Yesterday, while listening to songs, I got the exact same feeling and now I'm sharing it with you guys. I recently read Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire and when Trip by Hedley came up on my iPod I really felt like Travis was singing the song. Not only does Jacob's voice resembles Travis's voice in my head, but the lyrics are so much like Travis's story and thoughts.

Listen to the song below:

If you've read Walking Disaster, then don't you think the song voices Travis's feelings in the book?

Some say love is not for sinners
I believe that isn't true
'Cause when I was finished sinning
Love came down and showed me you

Well everyone knows Travis isn't much of a saint. And somewhere amid his sinning he found Abby and fell in love.

What are you doing to me?
I'm so into you and the hardest part is
Knowing that I'll never follow through
You're slowly killing me and I wish it wasn't true
'Cause I'm so into you

I think these lyrics really show how Travis was feeling throughout the book. How he knew he wasn't good for Abby but he wasn't able to leave her either and it was killing him.

Last year when I read Beautiful Disaster, I read a review of the book on I Heart YA Books and Debbie had posted a song along with the review which went really well with the book. Coincidentally the name of the song was also Beautiful Disaster (by Kelly Clarkson) and I think that song is exactly how Abby feels in the book.

So, have you ever heard a song that reminded you of a book?

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