Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Heart Cries Out~A tribute to the shaheed in the Peshawar attack by Hiba

This poem is written in the memory of some of the beautiful faces that we lost in that brutal Peshawar Attack.May ALLAH grant all the victims the highest place in Jannah AAMEEN!!
The Heart Cries Out
The sound of gun shots
the feeling of being caught
There is nowhere to escape
All you have to do is just wait
When they came inside
It felt as if they were here to bite
There was utter chaos and fear
All this was too much to bear
They were no one but cruel men
They even took out children from their dens
The army came there but to everyone's dismay
They were late and it was no less than Doom's day
Blood was spilt everywhere
They had massacred without any care
The outburst of cry,the feeling of despair
Everyone knew that this was not fair
They killed in the way of God
But this was not the way of Lord
Mother's crying,father's aghast
Who would bring their loved one's back?
The Taliban although dead
Can't take the memories out of anyone's head
Oh Lord! Grant those flowers a beautiful life
We know that Heaven is a beautiful sight
Give their parent's a little sabar
And always enlighten their qabars
They have got the title of a Shaheed
I know that its the best gift there ever could be
The thought of them makes me cry
The tears can never really dry
The Heart is shattered
But now it doesn't matter
For now they are with YOU
And its always the best whatever YOU do
But still,The Heart Cries Out
The Heart Cries Out

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