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Book Review~Opposites Attract by Hiba Khan

Title: Opposites Attract
Author: Hiba Khan
Publisher: Indireads
Pub Date: June 13th 2013
Format: ebook
Pages: 67
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Synopsis: What if you suddenly discover, to your amazement, that the person you thought you would hate forever was destined to be the love of your life?

Fahad has been unsuccessfully trying to get Ayza’s attention since he was five, and he is not about to stop now that she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Armed with his bag of tricks and an ulterior motive, he does his best to get through to her. To his delight, she rises to the bait, responding with ingenuity and beating him at his own game.

But then, as Fahad and his tricks begin to get underneath her skin, she is confused by her growing feelings for her previously despised neighbor.

Fahad and Ayza need to get their act together, because if they don’t, the biggest joke is on them.

Rating: 8/10
Source: Given by the publisher as a welcome gift. Thank you Indireads, Naheed & Hiba!
Cover Talk: I love how the cover goes so well with the story and the name of the book! The black and white shows the opposites and on one side the characters are kids and on the other side adults. I also like the green.

My Thoughts: This book was the cutest thing ever! Seriously, it was just so adorable!! I love best friend romances so I may be a bit biased but whatever! I loved this book!

Story: The story was short and sweet with lots of cute, swoony scenes. You could say it was your typical best friend romance with a guy who is clueless and teases the girl as a way of getting her attention. They start out as friends and turn into more but the girl has a painful past. I loved how that painful past was dealt with and how understanding and caring Fahad was. This was an adorable read!

Writing: The writing was pretty good. The dialogues were kind of cheesy but they went with the book. The pace was great and I loved how in such a short story the characters were so well-written. They had a back story and felt very real, even relatable.

Characters: All the characters were great! I loved Ayza and Fahad! They were so cute! I loved their teasing and pranks and bickering! As characters they were interesting and, as I already wrote, very well-written.

Overall: I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend, it even to people who don't read South Asian literature. It was a cute little contemporary romance with good writing and a great story and characters!

About The Author:

Hiba Khan was first noticed as a writer at age 10 by her grandmother, who read her essay titled ‘My classroom’ and couldn’t stop laughing. She enjoys creating stories, and often entertains her family by recreating old tales in a way they haven’t heard before. An avid photographer, she keeps herself busy by doing what she does best, writing and telling stories.

While completing her degree in journalism, she had several articles published by major English newspapers in Pakistan. She has been writing professionally for magazines, newspapers and websites for over nine years. 

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