Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini Drama & Movie Reviews

I have finished a couple of dramas and watched a few movies but didn't think I had enough content to write a review. It feels wrong to just leave them be so here are some mini reviews:


1. Sly & Single Again

This was such a fun drama to watch! It was light and cute and it really helped take off some of the exam stress. I really liked the acting! The story was okay if you don't take it to seriously, which I didn't. It was a good drama to just relax and enjoy.

2. Emergency Couple

I was addicted to this drama in the beginning! I loved the cast, the story, everything! But then somewhere along the way it turned into a melodrama and I got bored. I signed up for rom-com, not melo! It did come back to rom-com but I wasn't able to love it like I loved it before. Even then, it was a really enjoyable drama! And the best thing? It has the cutest baby in the whole wide world! Baby Gook <3

3. Secret Love Affair

I was blown away by this drama! It left me speechless! This drama is phenomenal! The acting is so true and amazing! While I didn't understand the business stuff in the drama (me being a med student and all) I did get the gist of it. I loved the romance! It never felt wrong or dirty. It was mind blowing, the chemistry these two actors had! And they are almost 20 years apart! I was expecting this drama to make me feel uncomfortable but I was rooting for these two from the get-go. Their love was beautiful! :')


How hot is that poster?! It looks so good, right? Unfortunately, the movie wasn't that good. Sure I enjoyed looking at Kim Jae Joong. It's a good thing most scenes include him or I wouldn't have watched the movie at all. It's a shame Song Ji Hyo doesn't look as gorgeous as she does on the poster. There is a story... I think. But it is weird and just for the sake of having it. There is no mystery. I think this movie was made to show how good looking Jae Joong is and the other stuff they added just for the sake of it. Even then, I enjoyed it. Why? Well it was good entertainment! Gorgeous boy, funny scenes, a little mystery. It was a light, relaxing movie.

I really liked this movie! It was a bit absurd though how everyone reacted to the student's death. But still, it was enjoyable. I loved the mystery and the humor! I loved loved loved Kang So Ra! She was really good in this movie! I even liked the romance. It was very enjoyable! If you are in the mood of a light mystery movie, with some comedy and romance, I would highly recommend The Clue.

I watched this movie with a friend when I spent the day at her house. This movie is so cute and adorable! I can't think of any other words to describe it. It reminds me of the book Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. The romance was so sweet! Amazing acting by Song Joong Ki! I loved this movie!


  1. Thanks for the mini-review! I enjoy watching KDramas but haven't done so in awhile, I will definitely check these out! I'm especially interested with A Werewolf Boy :)


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