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The Heirs~Episode 3 & 4 Review

Ahh this week has been so hectic! I've had a test almost everyday. College is hard!

That is why I STILL haven't been able to watch episode 5 & 6 of Heirs and am only now reviewing episode 3 & 4...

Well, I'll start with my review which are really just ramblings of what I remember of the 2 episodes... I promise I'll write better reviews next time!

I'll start by saying  love where the story is going! And I love it even more that the pace is pretty good. You don't have to wait a long time for something to happen but the build-up is good too. I can only hope that they continue to do such a good job.

Moving on to the characters, I'm really liking Eun Sang, Park Shin Hye's character! She's rational and I like how she rejects Kim Tan because he already has a fiancé. She's not someone who has unreal dreams and she has seen enough to know the world is not all roses. In short, she's not naive which I was expecting her to be so I am really relieved that that's not the case. Still, it's too early to say that she's one of my favourite characters. I haven't really felt a "connection" with her yet. Does that sound weird? I don't know how to describe what I mean :P

Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho's character), I'm so glad he's not one of those obnoxious, rich jerks (like Jun Pyo and Chi Soo)! I fully expected him to be as Kdramas like these always have male leads like those. But Tan's different. He seems nice and, as I said before, his character is complex. Plus look at baby Tan:

He just got rejected and scolded by a brother he loves and he's on the verge of crying and he looks so cute!! Oh, I want to hug him! My poor baby Tan! Oh and jealous Tan is even cuter!

In short, Tan is definitely my favourite character so far. I'm really looking forward to see where his story goes.

Ahh Choi Jin Hyuk is so amazing! I LOVED him in Panda & Hedgehog but I NEVER thought that he could play such a cold character! I mean look at his smile!

But in this drama he's so mean and cold. But I still love him! How can you not love Choi Jin Hyuk? And his acting's pretty good too.

Rachel is really annoying! She's mean and rude. But her acting is really good! The actress has played this character really well.

I know I've said this in my previous reviews but my review will not be complete unless I mention how cute Chan Young is! He's such an awesome friend, a great boyfriend and a really good son! He's an amazing guy and I really really love him!

I really don't like this guy. I know that he has family issues and probably a troubled past too but I just can't seem to bring myself to feel sorry for him. I just really don't like him. Plus (please don't kill me!) Idon'treallylikeKimWooBin'sacting!

His first meeting with Eun Sang wasn't that special either. Sure, it was funny. But it wasn't memorable. In fact I had to read episode recaps to remember how the meeting went. I just remembered how weird it was that Eun Sang was walking around practically asleep. Does that actually happen to anyone? It has never happened to me...

Oh my God, I love the ahjumma-wars! It's been a while since I watched a drama, or anything, with ahjumma-wars in it so this got me pretty excited! Am I weird for liking this stuff? Well maybe I am... But who cares?! I am what I am :P

I love this mom-daughter relationship! Mostly because I'm really close to my mom. Plus the relationship is shown very realistically. Eun Sang is sometimes rude to her mother but she loves her too.

Is it weird that I really like the relationship between Lady Han and Eun Sung's mom? I feel like Eun Sung's mom does care about Lady Han and that for Lady Han, Eun Sung's mom is the closest person she has in the household. Am I reading too much into the relationship?

This American dude makes me wince every time he appears on the screen. He makes me feel so uncomfortable and I really don't like watching him and his weird acting! I hope he doesn't return for any other episode! Since Tan returned to Korea, the chances are high that he won't.

Lastly, I would like to mention, I was so happy to see Heechul make a cameo on the show! I didn't know he was going to, so when I saw him I was like "OhmyGod that's Kim freaking Heechul!!!" I was fangirling so hard! :D

Well, I'm really looking forward to the next episode as now the real fun begins! Tan's back in Korea and school's starting soon. Can't wait to watch the next 2 episodes!


  1. I occasionally watch Kdramas and I like Lee Min Ho so i think I'll check this one out :D

    New visitor and follower btw! Great blog, I like that you don't only post reviews but posts views on tv shows and anime too.

    1. This drama is good (so far), I hope you like it! :)

      Thank you so much for commenting and following! :D I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them :)

  2. "This American dude makes me wince every time he appears on the screen. He makes me feel so uncomfortable and I really don't like watching him and his weird acting! " BAHAHA! Oh, Americans in K-dramas. Makes me feel so awkward whenever they throw someone in a drama like that and I'm American myself xD However, I do like when Koreans speak English-it's so cute :3

    I agree about college, it's so ridiculously time consuming, I barely have time to read anymore and this is just my first semester :C

    1. Haha! IKR?! I'm always like "I don't think that's how Americans really are.." It's seriously very awkward watching them.. :P

      I enjoy it too but sometimes it feels like the poor actors have to strain themselves too much and it comes out forced which makes it weird. You know?

      It's my first year too! It's the same with me. I read every chance I get but it's still only almost half-an-hour a day. College is hard! :/

    2. It's not, don't be fooled xD Makes you wonder how they got into those roles in the first place.

      Yeah, I read this article one time of what Korean actors and Kpop bands have to go through and they all have it tough.

      Yep, not even an hour :c And it's scary because it's only going to get worse. What is your major?

    3. Actually, college system in my country is different. We have two years of college, which is somewhat like high-school but we study the subjects we would like to continue with in the future. For example, I want to get into medical school so right now I'm studying Sciences along with the compulsory subjects. Those who want to be an engineer study maths & stuff etc. Then after these 2 years we get into a professional college or university. The time duration of that depends on what you're studying. For medicine, it's 5 years.
      What's your major?

    4. Ah, okay, I see. That is my goal as well, I am set up for medicine too. Here I have four years of my Biology major and then another four at graduate (medical) school. So cool we pretty much have the same goals. Tough major, though. I'm a little jealous of the business majors xD

    5. Oh my God, same here! They have such an easy life and us poor folks are always studying like crazy. :(
      Yeah, it's so cool we both have the same goal! :D

  3. Hi Hira! :) I'm also loving EunSang and Kim Tan, together and as individuals. I love how they break out of the stereotype and become like actual people and not just characters in a drama. I'm so glad that you like them, too! I've been reading quite a lot of negative comments about the two. :(

    I'm looking forward to your recaps of the other episodes, too. ^^

    1. Hey, Janey! :D
      Yeah, I felt like I was the only one who liked them, what with all the negativity they are getting as characters. It's great that you like them too! :D They really do feel like real people and I really like how they are different from other drama leads.

      Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting! <3


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