Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Heirs~Episode 2

I gotta say, I'm beginning to really like this drama! I even find myself waiting for the next episode!

As I said in my review of the first episode, Park Shin Hye's acting is much better in this drama. The rest of the cast is pretty good too. Lee Min Ho is a bit different in this drama. His character is sort of mysterious and complex. He reminds me a lot of Stefan (from Vampire Diaries). I'm really looking forward to see where his story goes.

I've only seen Choi Jin Hyuk in Panda & Hedgehog and his acting here is so different from there! In Panda and Hedgehog he was so adorable and cute but in this one he's so serious and evil-like! But I liked him here too. It was nice to see him in this kind of a role.

Other than these 3 actors, the rest of the cast is new to me. Except that lady who was in Secret Garden (picture above). I hated her there and I hate her here too. PSH's character's friend is so cute! His girlfriend is annoying! The guy who likes LMH's characters (sorry, I haven't learned the names of the characters yet) fiance... I don't like him. I don't like the fiance either so I guess they'll be perfect together. Plotting away the destruction of others, getting everything their way through scheming. Yup, match made in heaven (or hell) I say!

For now, these are the characters who caught my attention. I'm glad there wasn't much English in this episode. Lee Min Ho's voice is so much prettier (and sexier) when he's talking in Korean!

The story is going on an interesting path. Kim Tan's (that's Lee Min Ho's character's name, right?) family secrets, the love triangle. I'm really looking forward to watching it all!

So, if you're still contemplating on weather you should watch this drama or not, I would say go ahead! The story and romance looks promising and the acting is pretty good too. I just hope we are not disappointed. Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for the next episode! Oh and if you have watched the 2 episodes then comment below on what you thought about them!


  1. Ahhhh I am so glad you decided to review this drama because I want to watch it sooo bad! Love the two main actors and I wouldn't originally think they would have chemistry so it's awesome that it works out. Park Shin Hye was really stiff in You're Beautiful so I'm glad she has improved! Can't wait to watch this drama. :)

    Side note, I love Vampire Diaries!

    1. Oh my God, I had no idea anyone read my reviews! :P Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :D
      I didn't think they would have chemistry either. In fact I was really wary of watching the drama because of Park Shin Hye. But I feel like she has improved a lot since her You're Beautiful days.
      I hope you like the drama too! Do let me know your thoughts about it! :D
      I love Vampire Diaries too! I'm Team Damon! Which one are you on??

    2. Yeah, plus I really liked her with Jang Geun Suk (saw some behind the scenes videos and they are so cute ^^) but Lee Min Ho is such a huge actor. She really has improved! I watched Heartstrings and she was still a little stiff but her acting definitely got better. Okay :) I'll have to watch it soon, I'm trying to finish King of Dramas right now. And Team Damon, of course! ;D

    3. I agree, they did look cute together. :)
      King of Dramas, the one with Siwon in it? I've been meaning to watch that! I saw a couple of GIFs and Siwon looked so cute and funny in them! How's the drama? Do you like it?
      Yaay! Team Damon! <3 :D

    4. Yep :D He's hilarious in it. The drama isn't well known but I am in love with it-it has everything I like. Plus I like the main actor because he was in Beethoven Virus, one of my favorite dramas. (That also happened to have Jang Geun Suk in it xD) It's different from usual dramas but it gets better as it goes on.

    5. Oh, I can't wait to watch it now! :D


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