Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Strangest Taxi Ride Ever!

A short story by Areeba Asad

I had the strangest taxi ride last Saturday night. I believe, it is always difficult to get a cab, but when it’s raining its all the more tough. I left the house in such a rush. Holding the umbrella over myself, dumping keys in my purse and checking my phone every next two minutes for another text from Allen, I desperately waited for a cab. When I saw one, I hailed passionately and prayed it will take me in because only I knew how important it was for me to see Allen. The cab stopped, I opened the door and without any pause out of habit, I told him where to take me before jumping in. the cab driver drove the car and I assumed that he agreed. 

I felt really weird all day. It was raining since night and the sound of ambulance sirens coming from far across the highway made me really sad. I kept checking my weather update on my phone, which suggested heavy rainfall is expected in the next 12 hours or so. I kept myself sorting out files in my room until I got a text from a really old friend of mine, Allen. He’s the kind of friend you haven’t met in a while but for some odd reason you feel really close to. I knew he needed me. So I told myself that whatever misunderstandings were in past, this is the time when he needs me, and I should be there. 

I felt very uncomfortably impatient in the taxi; I kept looking outside if there was any shortcut to this traffic jam, if this rain will ever stop. Also, this cab driver’s silence was killing me. No greetings, no directions. To break the silence, I asked, 

‘Sir is there a shortcut to this route that you know?’

He didn’t answered I asked again assuming he didn’t hear me the first time. Without saying a word, he turned the cab left in such a speed that the cab almost slipped and got to some random street.
This taxi ride became quiet intense. It started to get really dark outside. I could see no other car on the street. I had no idea where we were. I started to freak out I hadn’t even seen this guys face before sitting. But I was in such a rush, so how could I. I had a million things going on my mind- Allen. In how much pain he must be at such a sudden death of his both parents in a car accident. Would he want to see me? 

This cab driver was scaring me to death. I asked 

‘Where are we? This is not where I’m supposed to go.’

He didn’t answer. 

I shouted ‘stop the car!’

He drove me at the same pace. I tried to check my door and windows but they were centrally locked. He slowed the car and turned back looking at me. I screamed! Half of his was badly burnt. I haven’t seen anything as scary as him in my life.
I didn’t know what he wanted. Slowing the car even more, he unlocked the door and as soon as he did that, I opened the door and jumped out. Fell down, struggled to get up quickly and ran away. I was all wet in deadly rain, crying out loud, walking in the middle of nowhere. I kept turning my head back to see if he came again. As I walked on the sideway, I felt scared, unsafe and cold. I kept wondering what he wanted. Why didn’t he follow me? What could have happened? 

Even though, all this still remains a mystery, but it really was a strange taxi ride. 

This is a story written by my friend Areeba Asad who is also a blogger. I really loved this story so I wanted to share it with you guys. Please visit Areeba's site by clicking here. It's really amazing and I'm pretty sure you'll love it! 
If any of you guys want your short story, poem, art work or photoshop edits displayed on this site then please contact me at
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  1. A very well-written story. I love the mysterious ending of the story. It’s like it has a part 2. Anyway, if this kind of taxi ride happens in real life, I might’ve already gotten insane. It’s such a freaky experience that I don’t want to happen to me.

    >Earnestine Novick

    1. I know what you mean!
      My friend's an amazing writer! I may post more of her stories, so check back soon :)
      I'm glad you enjoyed this! =D

  2. it is v. good u helped me in my assighnment ^_^ thankyOu !! so much :*


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