Thursday, February 6, 2014

What I'm watching right now...

I have never watched so many on-going shows simultaneously! Right now I'm watching 6 shows, 1 of which is on break and 3 are Korean dramas.

All of these are awesome so I thought I'd share them with my readers and see if there's anyone who's watching the same shows so I can fangirl with them! ;)

1. Once Upon A Time

OhmyGod this show is so amazing! It has an amazing concept! You see, fairytale characters come to life! It's really so much fun to watch! Plus, it has a really strong female lead and gorgeous men. ;) Captain Hook!! *sigh* A must watch! Too bad it's on break and comes back in March ;( I can't wait!!

2. Supernatural

I've been a Supernatural fan for ages! Even my mom loves the show! The story is amazing and the cast does a splendid job! And Dean Winchester. Enough said.

3. Reign

I love historical stuff! Sure, Reign isn't historically very accurate but the story is really interesting and it's fun to watch the costumes and the royal lifestyle! Plus, the love triangle is really good! It's a great show and really, very much fun to watch. Highly recommended!

4. Prime Minister and I

Well, this one ended this week but I still have one episode left to watch. I loved it in the beginning! But then it got boring. I do like it now but not as much as I liked it initially. Lets see how the ending goes... Anyway, I thought I'd hate an ahjussi-romance but this wasn't that bad.

5. My Love From Another Star

I was supposed to like this one... I mean, it's good! It's really good! The story is great. The acting is amazing. But I think my timing was wrong. That is why I couldn't give this drama the attention it deserved. So I'm taking a break from this one. I've watched 10 episodes and I hope to go back to watch the rest soon, but only when I'm sure I can give the poor drama the love it deserves.

6. Emergency Couple

This one started a few weeks ago and I'm already in love with it! I want to be a doctor and this drama is set in a hospital so it's even more fun to watch! I love the actors and the story so far! And I eagerly wait for the new episode each week!

So, these are the shows I've been watching recently. Do you watch any of these shows? If yes, do comment below so we can fangirl together! ;) And if you have any other recommendations, feel free to comment those too. I'd love to check out new shows! :)


  1. Hi Hira! I'm happy to see that you're updating yay! It's amazing how you still have time to watch so many series despite your schedule~! I'm hesitant to give Prime Minister and I a try, but we'll see!

    Anyway, I nominated you for a Liebster award! ^^

    1. Actually, most of these shows are on break :P And I manage an episode a week...

      I wouldn't particularly recommend PM&I but I wouldn't stop you from watching it either... It's an average drama, in my opinion.

      Omo! Kamsahamnida! :D


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