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Kelly Oram has been hosting an event "Battle of the Book Boyfriends" on her site for the past week where the lead men from all her books battle it out for the crown of 'King of the Book Boyfriends'! It's so much fun!

Today I'm going to tell you why you should vote for Kyle Hamilton from her book V is for Virgin!

The looks:

Kyle Edward Hamilton is the bad boy you hate to love. He has dark hair and green eyes. I love green eyes!

I bet Kyle's are a bit darker but I needed a reason to post this pretty picture! ;)
He's tall! 6'3. And he's hot! You can read for yourself:

"He was tall—6’ 3” or so—with haunting green eyes that seemed to smolder despite his lazy smile. His eyes were a great contrast to his thick, shiny, dark hair. And not that I’d ever seen it personally but judging from the way his t-shirt clung to his torso, he had a body that completed the entire handsome package. He was every inch a rock star. He was charming, playful and confident. He was practically irresistible. His only flaw was that he knew it."

The personality:

He's confident, maybe a bit on the cocky side, but it's hot! He has loads of passion and determination, evident from how he worked so hard at getting Virgin Val! ;)

He's also a bit sensitive and adorable when he acts like a kid who wants attention! Overall, he's a full package! A bad boy with a soft heart. You know how us girls love those kind of boys! ;)

How I imagined him:

For most part of the book I imagined him as Ian Somerhalder, more specifically Damon Salvatore. Both are hot bad boys with gorgeous smirks! Here are some pictures for your eyes to feast on. ;)

This is how I imagined Kyle walking away all angry and hurt in that press thingy, you know... after getting slapped and all. :P
"Kyle glared at me with a hard, angry smirk. “Good luck with that,” he said and then stalked off through the sea of people..."

I also imagined him as Kyle once.
Why he is the king of book boyfriends:

If you need more reasons, even after all that I've already said written, then here is the man in action to convince you that he is the perfect choice and you should vote for him!

“Who ordered the legs?”
My eyes widened at the way Kyle Hamilton’s eyes roamed up and down my entire body. The smile on his face did something to the pit of my stomach. I knew the skirt looked good, but I still couldn’t believe a guy like him was looking at me like that. Our eyes locked and his smile turned cocky when my disbelief registered with him. 
“Hi beautiful.”


“Legs with attitude.” Kyle’s tone warmed with approval. “Why don’t you bring those beauties over here. I got a spot all ready for ‘em.” He and his buddies all chuckled when he patted his lap. I wasn’t exactly impressed. “I think these legs are fine where they are, thank you very much.” Kyle wasn’t deterred at all by my rejection. “I wouldn’t have expected legs like those to be quite so shy.” 
“Not shy,” I informed him. “Just holding out for a better offer.”


Suddenly we were standing toe to toe. His body took up so much space around me it was hard to breathe. I could feel his heat and we weren’t even touching. What had just happened? Kyle saw the overwhelmed look in my eyes and smirked. He brought his mouth down to mine and brushed my lips with a touch so feather-light that I gasped. My body reacted before my head could. I drifted into him as if he was somehow my new center of gravity. My eyes fluttered shut, and I waited for a kiss that never came. His lips were there, brushing back and forth over mine, teasing me cruelly until I ached with a desire so intense I started to shake. Kyle chuckled darkly. “You’re in over your head with me, Virgin Val."

And the part that made me swoon so hard I had to put down my e-reader and roll around in bed squealing because I couldn't control my feels:

The Top Ten Reasons Why Virgin Val Sucks
10. She called me a one-hit-wonder.
9. She doesn’t appreciate the endearing nickname I gave her.
8. She makes me write stupid blogs about her at four in the morning.
7. She’s encouraging people not to have sex.
6. She blew me off when I asked her out.
5. She has a crush on a douche bag.
4. She won’t answer any of my calls.
3. She’s such a tease with her look-but-don’t-touch policy.
2. I played a whole effing concert just for her and she didn’t come even though she told me she would. (You’re such a liar!)
And the #1 reason why Virgin Val sucks?
I still want her anyway

And I love it when he acts like a kid!

The band was right behind me and before I knew what hit me, Kyle had me in his arms and was whirling me around excitedly. “You were brilliant!” he cried, giddy as a kindergartner who’d just ridden a bike for the first time. “That was the best ending to a show we’ve ever had! They love you! The band loves you! I love you! We’ve got to take you on tour with us. You could be our little virgin mascot!”

So you see why Kyle is perfect?! I know a lot of you agree with me because he is currently in the lead! :D But every vote counts so go on over to and vote for Kyle Hamilton!


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