Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Heirs~Episode 9

Ok, so let me start by saying COME ON!! You call that a kiss?!! Standing for more than a minute in that awkward position with your lips barely touching... I know that's signature Park Shin Hye style but Lee Min Ho, I expected better from you!

Now on to a scene I really liked. Eun Sang throwing back Young Do's hand. I think it showed that Eun Sang isn't some weak girl who can be pushed around. The expression on Young Do's face showed that he understood that too. But sadly, that burst of confidence was for that moment only. I really thought Eun Sang was going to tell Kim Tan to back off. That he had no right to force-kiss her. But nothing like that happened...

Awww!! Bo Na is so cute, helping Eun Sang and all <3

Honestly, I don't really like fighting scenes but I enjoyed this one... Though, a note to the director, I'm pretty sure bruises like those don't heal that fast. Especially over the course of only one episode. But also, props to him for making sure that most bruises were on the left side of the face as both boys were right-handed.

Ooo! So Rachel does have emotions! She's not a 'I don't care about anything' kind of person, as she pretends to be, after all!

Aww! Chairwoman cares more about her job than her "son". I do feel sorry for her, though. I can see that the poor woman has suffered in this too. Tan and Won treat their father right! He should be treated this rudely!

I think low of Young Do to keep using Tan's secret about his mothers as a threat against him. But then again, that's what he was taught by his dad.

I wonder too what happened to their friendship...

Chan Young is smart! Listen to him Eun Sang!

Good girl! Now Tan, listen to her!

I like Won's sarcasm :P Ah hell, I love everything about him! I loved him in this scene and the next one, the one with Eun Sang. He is so cool! Gosh, I have such a silly school-girl crush on him! :P

Awww! Baby Tan! :'( Hyung, why you be so mean?

Aww! Well, he keeps saying that he likes you but you keep treating him like you aren't interested. I know that's not the case in this scene, but sooner or later he will give up.

Once was fine, even cute, but this is becoming stalkerish, really. I wouldn't be surprised if next he would start following her around (which he kinda does already), make a schedule of her activities and take pictures of her secretly. But the person whom I feel sorry for the most is the poor driver who had to wake up so so early and wait so many hours for someone who didn't even show up :(

Umm, that's exactly how it is Tan. Because Eun Sang's a free person who gets to make her own choices. She doesn't need your permission if she wants to miss school. Poor Eun Sang! Her life's so pitiful!

Chan Young's relationship with his father is so cute! They're kinda like I am with my mom, except that my mom and I are much closer.

I'm so so glad that Eun Sang didn't get all scared and weepy when those guys asked her for her number! It showed that she is strong enough to care of herself. And that is why I love her character!

Awww! Poor Young Do! I know he's mean and bad and all but I can't help but feel sorry for him! On a side note, I liked Young Do's confession better than Tan's.

Eun Sang's mom is so nice and understanding! I love her mom! But I also feel sorry for the poor woman :(

Yes, I'm going to mention them in each one of my Heirs posts because their relationship is just so cute!

I really enjoyed the last quarter of the episode. Tan's mother pretending to be Eun Sang's mom and getting caught by the chairwoman. Everyone at school freaking out about Eun Sang's "mom". It was all very funny.

Tan being sweet and caring towards his mother <3

And Young Do coming to Tan's house and finding out that Eun Sang lives there too.

All in all, it was a pretty good episode. Kim Woo Bin was awesome in it and my love for him continues to grow. And this show has still not managed to bore me so I shall keep watching it!

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