Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Heirs~Episode 7 & 8



Before watching these two episodes, I only liked the drama. I enjoyed watching it but I wasn't passionate about it. But after watching these episodes I have seriously fallen in love!!! :D I feel like the writers are actually listening to my advice though I'm sure they don't even know that my blog exists nor what opinion I hold about the drama.

Well first of all, I'm glad the two main characters got the centre stage in these 2 episodes. Their romance progressed too and the scenes were soo swoony!!! <3 For example the car scene:

And the school walk scene:

And the confession/hug scene:

And the closet/almost kiss scene:

And the KISS!!:

Too much swoon? ;)

Now that the main characters got the centre stage, I could appreciate Park Shin Hye's improved acting better. I would particularly like to mention the cafeteria scene in which Yound Do trips Eun Sung. I don't know if the voice breaking was deliberate or if it was an accident but it really made the scene awesome plus PSH's acting in it was pretty good too. I was very impressed!

Lee Min Ho!! Oh how you make my heart skip a beat by a single look! <3 I'm beginning to love LMH in this drama! Especially after the punch:

I'm not saying I approve of ruining pretty Kim Woo Bin's face but I kinda wanted someone to hit Young Do, someone besides his dad.

I like Young Do. He's a messed up guy with a messed up life so sometimes he does things that seem crazy. I do like how he stands up to his dad though...

Talking about messed up characters, Rachel is one of those. I gotta admit one thing though, I really like her with Young Do! Way more than I like her with Kim Tan. As I said in my recap/review of the first episode, they seem perfect for each other. I would love to see them end up together!

As I said before, I really like Eun Sang. She's strong-willed and smart. And I understand her decisions. Yes, they're not always right. But that's what makes her a real person. If I put myself in her shoes, I would've probably done the same things. So yeah, I stand by her and I'm really excited to see where her story goes.

You know, I think the director somehow got to know that I love the Lady-Maid relationship between Lady Han and Eun Sung's mom so they keep adding scenes like these:

Bo Na and Chan Young are cute as ever! <3 There's nothing more to say about them really... They're just adorable! Both, together and separately ^_^

I really really wish they would focus on Choi Jin Hyuk's character a little more. I still feel like we don't know much about Kim Won. And I have the biggest school-girl crush on him ever! So I really want to know more about him. I also want to know more about his girlfriend/crush.

I know I said that the rooftop guy intrigued me but I'm starting to not like him much... Maybe because he's a potential rival of my Kim Won Oppa?  Or maybe it's because of his hideous school-boy hairstyle... Or maybe because I'm not much of a fan of noona-romances...

I wonder what happened between the two brothers that Won hates Tan so much but Tan stills loves his brother... Either way, I found the hug scene sweet.

Rachel's mom annoys me so much! I hate women like her! I really like Chan Young's dad but why in the world does he like that witch??!

I love the pace of this show! It's not going too fast, neither too slow. And though I've read that a lot of people are not liking the drama, I'm seriously really loving it! Can't wait top watch the next episode!

Oh and something extra for my lovely readers! Today I was reading Crash Into You by Katie McGarry and I came across a scene in the book that reminded me of a scene from the drama. Here are the words from the book:

Isiah lets go of my hand and in a blur, pushes my back against a cold brick wall. His body becomes a hot, thick blanket over mine. The fine hair on my neck stands on end and my eyes close at the sensation of his warm breath on the skin behind my ear. I'm absolutely terrified, but at the same time my body tingles with weird anticipation.

Don't these words describe the closet scene and Eun Sang's feelings perfectly?!

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