Thursday, November 10, 2011


TGIF is a weekly meme hosted by GReads.

This Friday's question is: 
Love-Hate Relationship: Which characters from a book do you love to hate?

Ans: I love to hate Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries.

I like Elena from the show but book Elena just really pisses me off! I know, I know....she's the main character, the leading can I hate her? But I do. She's just oh-so-perfect! Everything revolves around her. Every guy in the book is in love with her; Matt, Stefan, Damon, even Shinichi! She takes advantage of her friendship with Bonnie and Meredith. She wants everything to go her way. And why the hell can't she choose between Stefan and Damon! She's getting cozy with both of them and taking advantage of both of them. I think it's pretty obvious now that she's in love with Damon. So why doesn't she let poor Stefan go? I really feel sorry for that guy!

All the book Elena fans out there, I mean no offence. This is just my point of view so just please don't come here and start trashing me! I'm not saying she's all bad. There are some good points about her too..... I just don't like her.

BTW how cool are the pics I used in this post above?! I got them from fanpop but I'm not sure who edited them. But they're pretty well edited! I like the first one!


  1. Thanks for following! I haven't read The Vampire Diaries book yet but I love the show. Wow, I didn't know Elena's blonde in the books :P

  2. Oh, I gotta tell you--I feel exactly this way about TV Elena...

    Wowm those photos are SO well edited. She's unrecognisable!

  3. I have only read one of the books, so I don't really have a oppinion of Elena. I do know that it really made me mad when I started watching the series and she turned out to have brown was like WHAT..I mean seriously if they are going to screw around with the actual story they could at least let her keep her hair

    New follower here! :)

  4. Yeah, I really hated Elena in the books, too. But I do think Nina Dobrev does a good job of portrayed her in the TV show--she's definitely not so annoying on TV. I hate that she can't choose between Stefan and Damon ... I choose Damon! There, done. :)

  5. I dont like her:P
    Not in books not in TV!She's annoying me everytime.
    I prefer minor characters.


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