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My Book Boyfriend-1

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by The Unread Reader.

This sounds so cool, doesn't it? I've been wanting to participate in this meme for a while and now finally I've gotten around to doing it! Here is how My Book Boyfriend works:
  1. On Wednesdays, make a post about a fictional boy that totally made you swoon! In your post, make sure you include your book boyfriend's stats, a picture of what you imagine he looks like and some quotes from him that had you at hello. Credit the book and please include page numbers when you can.
  2. Grab the My Book Boyfriend button to include in your post.
  3. Be sure to come back here and add the DIRECT link to your post on the Mr. Linky Widget that will be provided here on Wednesdays. 
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  5. Anyone is welcome to join at anytime, but no one is obligated to participate every week.
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My book boyfriend is....... Jesse (Hector) de Silva from The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot. Oh how I would love to have him as my boyfriend! Here's some info on my beau (well my beau in my dreams!):

(Well this is not a real image but I thought it was cute. And nobody in real life can capture the hotness of Jesse but I'll still try to find someone who looks kinda like him.)

  • Born in the early 19th century to a family of wealthy ranchers in California.
  • Only male child in his family.
  • Wanted to be a doctor but couldn't because of his responsibilities to his family. 
  • Was supposed to marry his cousin, Maria de Silva, but discovered she was being unfaithful to him with a slave trader named Felix Diego.
  • Was strangled in his sleep in a boarding house in Carmel.
  • His spirit lingered in the boarding house for 150 years.
  • Suze Simons moves into his bedroom and their story starts......
(Thomas McDonell kind of reminded me of Jesse)

Appearance and Personality:
  • Jesse is the quintessential tall, dark and handsome man.
  • He has long dark hair and tan skin.
  • Has washboard abs. *sigh*
  • Has a small scar on his eyebrow caused by a dog bite.
  • Is noble and polite. (Just my type of guy <3)
  • He has a strong set of morals, as evidenced by the fact he won't go further than kissing so he can protect Suze's virtue. (Awww!)
  • He does have an explosive temper when provoked. When Paul insinuates that Suze slept with him, Jesse throws him down the stairs, through a glass door and attempts to drown him. (H.O.T!)
  • He frequently mutters to himself in Spanish when he's annoyed or angry. (Which is totally adorable!)
  • He calls Suze "Querida"  at times which means 'Sweetheart'. (Whenever he says this my heart does a flip-flop =P)
(Pierre Boulanger OK so he doesn't look that much like him but give me a break! It's hard to find a guy as hot as Jesse! =P)

Quotes From The Books:
  • Never had I been so aware of the way his dark hair curled 
  • against the back of his tanned neck; the deep brown of his eyes; the whiteness of his teeth; the strength in 
  • those long legs as he knelt down beside me; the tendons in the back of his brown hands; the sinews in his 
  • bare arms, . . .
  • And his voice. His voice! So deep, it seemed to reverberate down my spine. It was Jesse’s voice all right, but suddenly, it was in surround sound, it was THX, it was . . .
  • "I may have been dead for the past hundred and fifty years, Susannah," Jesse said, "but that doesn'tmean I don't know how people say good night. And generally, when people say good night, they keep their tongues to themselves." (Jesse said this to Susannah when she got back from her date with Tad)
  • Jesse was laughing at me now. "Go to bed, Susannah," he said, coming up and giving me a gentle push toward the front steps. "You have had enough scaring for one night.""But you – " "Some other time," he said. He had steered me in the direction of the porch, and now I stood on the lowest step, looking back at him as he laughed at me."Do you promise?" I saw his teeth flash white in the moonlight. "I promise. Good night, querida." "I told you," I grumbled, stomping up the steps, "not to call me that."
  • "Of course, querida," he said, and my heart gave a little flip-flop inside my chest at the caressing tone he always gave that word. I didn't even know what it meant.

(This is not what Jesse looks like but this is how he dresses.)

(Steven Strait is kind of close to how I imagine Jesse.)

(I guess Taylor could also play Jesse.)

Here are a few pictures edited by me:

(This is the perfect Jesse!)


  1. I love the animated ones of Jesse. The Mediator are awesome series. Steven Straight always plays Jesse in my head. lol. Thank you for all the eye candies ;)

  2. Hira! I love this MBB post. You put a lot of thought into casting Jesse, but I like your illustrations best! And any guy that mutters in Spanish is perfect for me!

    Thanks for introducing me to Jesse. I hadn't heard of him before.

  3. I haven't read this series in forever! I loved Jesse! I love all the pictures and quotes you used. Great first post!

  4. I really want to read this series! Love Meg Cabot. Jesse sounds great - and quite a selection of guys you've got there! Nice :D

  5. I have yet to read a Meg Cabot book, but I have heard such good things about her writing. I need to jump in!

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend


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