Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm in the council!!

OMG!! I'm in the school council!!!!!!!!!! I was ssooo not expecting this!! I cannot believe this!! Eeeepp!! I'm so happy!! =D I'm the Vice President of the Environment Club! And I have such an awesome President and General Secretary!

When they were announcing the new council, and they were going to announce the Vice President of Environment Club, I was like, "There is no way I'm it. =/" And then they announced my name and my mouth dropp=ed. I was like, "Really?? Me?? Are you kidding?? Me!!" And then I made it up to the stage with a BIG smile on my face and my mind totally blank.......or maybe it was running so fast that I couldn't make anything out. And then for the next hour or so I absorbed it all in........what had did it happened..........OMG I'm really actually in the council!! And the best part is that this year the student council in-charge are two of my favorite teachers!! Gosh how lucky am I?!!!

Tomorrow is my English assessment but it's all unseen so I don't have to study anything for it. All this week I've been getting only 4-5 hours of sleep =/ Have been studying a lot! Yes. I admit it! I'm a nerd. But I'm not the boring kind of nerd =) I'm the cool kind! =P

Tonight is TVD night!! Yaay!! =D Though I wouldn't be able to watch it until tomorrow......but still, Yaay! =D Speaking of TVD I found some really awesome 'cartoon' TVD pics! Take a look below:

Damon! <3

I love Elijah! They should so bring him back!!

Smoking hot werewolf, anyone? 

Awww! <3

I loved Rose! Her death was so sad =(

Brotherly Love!


My mom fell in love with Mason Lockwood! She still resents Julie Plec for killing him off =P

Stefan <3

Gosh I love this pic! It's so funny!

Football dude Stefan!

Miss Katherine Pierce

Aww, I loved this scene! Delena <3

Mr Damon Smoldering Salvatore!

Awww! I love Alaric and Jenna! <3

L.O.V.E this pic!! <3 Totally Fab!

This is so CUTE!


The Sheriff's in town!

Miss Pearl

Gansta Jeremy!

mmmm......I'm hungry.....



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