Friday, December 2, 2011

Remembrance Cover Contest!! Like my entry!

Above is my entry for the Remembrance Cover Contest. Michelle has uploaded all the entries on the Remembrance Facebook Page and you guys can go there and like your favorite entries.

Click here to vote for mine. Please like the picture so that I have the most likes! And then my entry will enter the finals in which you guys will vote again for your favorite entry and the winner will get a Remembrance prize pack!

It'll only take a second so please visit this link and like the picture! Voting is open till 10th December. And the final voting will take place on 11th December. And my mid-terms start from 12th December! =P

So please vote for my entry and make me the winner! That way I'll be happy so I'll have a good result too! ;P

Thank you!!

Love Hira <3

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