Monday, December 12, 2011

Remembrance Cover Contest Final Voting!!

Hey guys! What's up? My exams officially started from today! =( But that's not what this post is about. I took out some time from all my studying to ask you guys to please please please vote for my entry in the Remembrance Cover Contest final voting!! Here are the steps:

  1. Follow this link---> CLICK HERE
  2. Scroll down till the end of the post. Here you'll see a form.
  3. Vote for the 2nd entry which is mine (if you want to that is =P but please do!!). To do that just click on the circle besides the number 2 (in the form).
  4. Then you'll see a box under it. Write your name in that box.
  5. In the box after that write your email address.
  6. Then press SUBMIT.
And you're done! =) Please guys, please please vote for me!! I really want to win this! Thank you!! =D


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