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Sunday Spotlight~Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

I was going to review these separately but I don't think I'll be able to do that (too busy :() so I'll just be spotlighting this series on here.

Well I finally joined the Vampire Academy fandom! And I can safely say that I loved these books just as much as you guys did. Now let me tell you, I'm trying very hard to conceal my inner fangirl. But can I have just one fangirl moment? Please?

OH. MY. GOD. Ilovedthisseries!!!!! And I think I read it at the perfect time, when I needed these characters the most to get me through tough times. So first of all, I would like to thank Richelle Mead. For writing such amazing books, for creating characters that feel like friends and for getting me through a very tough time in my life. THANK YOU RICHELLE MEAD!


Okay so I'm going to do this post like I do reviews, except the reviews of all six books would be in one post.

Writing: I loved Richelle Mead's writing! There's never a dull moment in any of her books and they suck you in so much that I felt like all that happened to Rose actually happened to me. I could feel what she felt and all the events feel like memories. She really engages the reader and it's very hard to put the book down. I finished almost all of them in one sitting.

Story: The stories of all six of the books were amazing! So many events occur in a single book but it never seems cluttered or rushed. There are a lot of plot twists and many of them I didn't see coming. The world building was so good that I felt like I lived in that world. The stories were very interesting and always kept me guessing. There was mystery, romance, adventure, heartbreak. These books took me in, broke me up, then mended me. It was like I was transported into them and my problems didn't exist.

Characters: Richelle Mead writes such amazing, true characters! I loved each and every one of them! All of them felt real and human. They made mistakes. Some were good, some were bad. But all of them, even the minor ones, never felt unnecessary. They felt just as important as the main ones. They had depth and character and this realness to them that made them feel like real people.

Rose was amazing! She was so badass and witty and I instantly loved her! I loved how she cared about Lissa so much. She had an impulsive nature but she was also a quick thinker and an amazing fighter. I loved the vulnerable side of her. Of course I loved how strong she was, but the thing that made her so real and relatable was her moments of weakness and vulnerability. That's what made you realize, 'Wow! She's like me!' I loved being in her head and she's definitely one of my favorite protagonists and narrators!

I loved Dimitri!!!! He's officially my favorite book boyfriend ever! (Maybe after Jesse & Damon :P) I loved how sweet and caring he was! I'm a sucker for good guys and he was like the epitome of good! I really admired how he respected Rose and treated her like an equal. I just really really loved everything about Dimitri! And not just because Rose loved him but because his actions showed that he was truly an amazing person!

I really liked Lissa. She was sweet and kind and sensitive and to be honest I saw more of myself in her than in Rose. But I wasn't much like her either. Lissa was sensitive but she was also strong and there was something admirable about the way she carried herself. She was one of those people whom you really want to be like.

My best friend fell in love with Christian! She has a huge thing for bad boys and she loved Christian! I admit I had a crush on him too. I loved his sarcastic remarks and dark personality. But I also loved how he genuinely cared about his friends. And despite his past he didn't let it put him down. Well, not too much.

Adrian, Adrian, Adrian. What do I say about our boy here? First, I'll admit I love Adrian. Not as much as I love Dimitri but Adrian is high up on my best book boyfriends list. This boy was a hot mess to be honest. And at first I really couldn't figure him out. But Adrian was smart, and sweet and funny. And he was at times so adorable I wanted to give him a huge hug! I love how complex his character was.

Well I can't mention all the characters but overall the characters, even the minor ones, were written really well and I loved almost all of them!

Relationships: Relationships were a dominant theme and super important in these books.

I loved Rose & Dimitri's relationship! As I said before, it was based on mutual respect and I loved the friendship between them. This is my ideal kind of relationship. That is why I was Team Romitri from the start. I loved the connection between them. I loved how they understood each other so perfectly. I don't know if that kind of love actually exists but it sure was amazing reading about it and somewhat experiencing it through the book.

Rose & Lissa's friendship was super important and I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish for a friendship like theirs. (Well, maybe not someone who reads my mind :P) Their friendship wasn't all roses and sunshine. Both of them made mistakes and sometimes took the other person for granted. They had fights. But they supported each other and were there for each other no matter what. Especially Rose. But I think Lissa cared just as much about Rose as Rose did about Lissa.

Rose & Adrian were kinda dysfunctional if you ask me. Don't kill me please! But despite her claims, Rose was never really with Adrian. And clearly they weren't right for each other. Adrian depended on her too much. And I think that's the kind of relationship Mead was trying to show. I haven't read Bloodlines yet so I can't say much but I'm pretty sure Sydrian would be different than Rodrian.

I loved Lissa & Christian together! They were so adorable! They were the true meaning of soulmates. I loved how they were this normal couple and both had insecurities and there were up and downs in their relationship but they finally found their way back to each other. Do I sound cheesy? I don't care!

I really liked Rose's relationship with her parents. Sure it wasn't the best relationship but her parents loved her and I'm glad she worked out things with her mom. She only wanted what was best for her. And boy did I love her father! He was funny & clever and so much fun to read! I would say I had a bit of a crush on him but then I would seem extremely creepy :P Either way, loved that guy!

I loved all the friendships in this series! Boy, these were some loyal friends! And Rose was lucky to have them because good friends like these are hard to come by in real life.

Movie: I really liked the cast of the movie but the script ruined it and they weren't able to capture the true essence and feeling of the book. The story was much deeper and darker than the movie made it out to be. It wasn't completely bad but compared to the book it just wasn't that good. It did not do the book justice at all.

Overall: I love this series with my heart and soul and would recommend it to EVERYONE! Go! Read this series now! And become a fangirly mess like the rest of us!

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