Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I know I've been MIA since New Years but I'm drowning in tests and exams!

And the very little free time I have, I use to catch up on my sleep or read or catch up on TV shows & Kdramas. So I have absolutely no time left to post anything. I have so many post ideas but no time to write them. I miss blogging so much!

The sad thing is that I probably won't be able to post until June, when I'm done with my finals. I will drop by a few times to, maybe, write a review or cover reveal post etc. But it won't be regular.

That's pretty much it. Just dropped by to let ya'll know I'm still alive. Hope you're having a great 2014!



  1. Good luck with school, Hira! Hopefully you can update once in a while. ^^ Will surely miss your posts! - Janey

    1. Thank you! :D I hope I'll be able to post, too! I miss writing so much!


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