Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blogging Schedule~September

My college is starting tomorrow...

So... I made a schedule. A blogging schedule, to be exact. So that blogging doesn't get in the way of my studies and vice versa.

I've decided that at the start of each month (starting from September) I will post the schedule for the respective month to let you know what's in store.

Here's the schedule for September:

  • Book review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when I finish the book.
  • Top Ten Tuesday. I'll be doing this one for the 10 Sept topic which is "Books I would love to see turned into movies/TV shows".
  • My Book Boyfriend on 11 Sept in which I will be featuring Sam from Speechless.
  • Cutie of the month (a new feature I started) on 14 Sept in which I will be featuring Donghae.
  • Manga Crush on 15 Sept in which I will be featuring Kei from Special A.
  • Cover Crazy on 21 Sept.
  • Favourite Fridays (another new feature) on 27 Sept in which I will be featuring my favourite book couples.
Other than that I might do a Swoon Thursday post if I come across a swoon. I also might do a movie/TV show/drama review if I watch one.

And that is my schedule for September. Now I'm going to go watch a movie to calm my nerves because I'm super nervous about tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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