Thursday, August 23, 2012

Swoon Thursday~2

Swoon Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by YA Bound.

I read this book a few weeks ago but I just have to share this swoon with you guys! It's from Saving June by Hannah Harrington.

He leans close and says, “It matters to me,” right against my mouth, and then kisses me like he means it. 
I’ve thought about what it’d be like to kiss Jake over the past few days, way more than I’d care to admit. But I don’t even have time to register the firm press of his lips against mine, without breath, before he pulls back. His face freezes, eyes wide with oh shit written across them. Maybe I’d be offended if I wasn’t so sure that my own expression matches his perfectly.
“I shouldn’t have done that,” he blurts out. “I’m an idiot.”
“Yeah,” I agree, “you really are.”
I grab the collar of his shirt and tug him back to me. He makes a muffled sound of surprise in the back of his throat, hesitating for a heartbeat before his mouth opens against mine. Suddenly we’re kissing for real— clumsy at first as we feel each other out, but then I shift forward into his lap, fall against his chest and tip my head down, and it’s like two puzzle pieces snapping into place.
He tastes exactly the way I thought he would, of cigarettes and citrus and salt. The ocean. And he kisses like I thought he would, too, hard and hot and urgent, 
and way better than anyone I’ve made out with 



  1. That's a great Swoon!! New Follower :)

    Here's my Swoon..


  2. Oh my!! Thats a steamy one!! Thanx for sharing!!!

    Here's My Swoon!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  3. I am definitely adding this book to my TBR!
    Great swoon!
    I'm a new follower of yours btw! If you want to check out my swoon of the week and follow me back that would be great! I also have sign ups for a cover reveal going on rt now if you are interested, i'd love to have you as part of the team!

  4. Awesome swoon worthy moment!

    My Swoon

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  5. Totally swooning :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Keely @ Realms of an Open Mind


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