Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giant Surprise Giveaway for The Burning Star by Jessie Lane!

Here's a message to ya'll from the author of The Burning Star, Jessie Lane:
Melissa and I wanted to do something BIG after doing all of that hard work on the re-edit of The Burning Star. So, in honor of Melissa's birthday (9/10), we are going to be giving away free ebook copies through B&N, Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance/OMNI Lit starting 9/1/12 to 9/10/12. From now until 8/31/12, we are going to continue the price of $0.99. However, when the giveaway is over, on 9/11/12, we will go back to the original price of $1.99.

Here are the links to our sales pages on B&N and Amazon for your convenience:
Also here are our website & social media links in case you would like those, as well:

So head on over to get a free copy of the book! 

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