Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vampire Knight

 My brother says I'm a vampire addict. I think I'm a semi-vampire addict. I've seen people with a worse case of vampirephobia than I have. But one thing's straight that I do like vampire related stuff. I love Vampire Diaries (books & show). I love the House of Night novels (by P.C and Kristen Cast). I am going to read Vampire Academy Series (by Racheal Mead). But I'm not such a big fan of Twilight (I have no idea why =/).

Well anyway, this post is about Vampire Knight. (Yup! Another 'vampire' related thing!) Vampire Knight is the bestest manga I've ever read! Actually it' the only manga I've ever read so I don't think I can compare it with other mangas. But I like it just the same =)

Here's a little plot summary:

Yuki Cross's earliest memory is of being attacked by a vampire and saved by Kaname Kuran, also a vampire. Ten years later, Yuki and a vampire hunter, Zero Kiryu attend Cross Academy as school guardians protecting the "Day Class" and the "Night Class" from each other to keep vampires secret. The story follows Yuki's discovery that her childhood friend, Zero, has spent the last four years trying to fight his transformation into a vampire, and he has finally succumbed. Yuki struggles to help Zero fight his bloodlust and to recover her own lost memories, while suspecting that Kaname knows more than he is saying.
When his uncle, Rido Kuran, returns to kill Yuki, Kaname is forced to reveal her secret by biting Yuki and awakening her true nature as a vampire, returning her memories of being Yuki Kuran, his younger sister. Rido is killed by Zero and Yuki while Kaname faces and destroys Rido's allies, the Vampire Council, revealing himself to be one of the original vampires and the founder of the Kuran clan. Yuki and Zero part as enemies after Zero reveals he intends to end everything, by killing all purebloods, even her. Yuki leaves with Kaname and they return to the Kuran family home. The story restarts a year later with Yuki's dealing with vampire society and new enemies, such as Sara Shirabuki.

I have seen the anime and now I'm reading the manga. I'm on chapter 46 right and the manga has 74 chapters (still ongoing). I don't get much time to read (I have a life, you know!) but I try to read it whenever I can. Well actually I read it online and most of the time my internet's not working or it's too slow (it sucks! =/) so it's hard to read it. And also I'm busy with school (I'm in 10th grade now and it's pretty hard work!) and homework and such. Plus I have another blog (HM Disney Stars) which I have to update too from time to time. So you get my point.

Now back to VK. My favorite character is Zero! <3 He's so adorable!! And well Yuuki's ok I guess. Kaname's hot!! But a little weird. And from the side characters I like Ichijou. He's just so sweet!! And Hanabusa is so cute! I just adore his pretty blue eyes! <3 And Akatsuki is cute too =)

If anyone's interested in reading it (in English of course because I don't know Japanese at all) I read it on Manga Reader. Enjoy! =) And do tell me what you think of it! If you already have read it (and are a fan like me) then hit the comments section to brag about your love for it!

Here are a few VK pictures I edited:

Credit goes to me for the above two pictures!!

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