Monday, October 19, 2015

Currently Reading & Watching

I have a couple of days free before the entrance tests and interviews start again. So I'm reading and watching a lot of stuff these days. Here's an update:


1. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I'm not loving this as much as I expected to but I'm really enjoying the story and I love Jace! I had a hard time getting into it but I started enjoying the story half way through the book. I'm still unable to connect with the characters, especially Clary, but I'm guessing that's because of the third person narration. I'm definitely going to read the rest of the series though and I can't wait for the TV show!

2. Twilight/Heaven Sent (Mediator #6) by Meg Cabot

I'm rereading The Mediator series and loving it just as much as I did the first time around! I'm on the last book now. A lot of my thoughts about specific characters changed reading the books this time. I'll cover those in a Sunday Spotlight post. I can't wait for the seventh book!!

3. Locke & Key by Joe Hill (Audio Production)

Wow! I've listened to a couple of audio books but never an audio production and this is so cool! It's like listening to the audio of a movie. It has cool sound effects and music and it's all acted out. I can imagine it happening in front my eyes. I'm really enjoying this!



It seems like almost all the dramas I'm watching are related to birth secrets and childhood friends and I'm kinda getting sick of it. 

1. She Was Pretty (Currently Airing)

This has a childhood friends story but I don't mind it too much. I started watching it because of my love for Park Seo Joon but I stayed because of Siwon. Seriously, he's amazing in this! Major second lead syndrome! I'm not loving it but I am enjoying the story and I actually really like the female lead!

2. Kiss Me (Currently Airing)

Another childhood friends story. This is the Thai remake of Itazura na Kiss. They made a couple of changes to the story and I love them for it! They made the male lead into less of a jerk robot and more of a human being with real emotions. And I love the amount of fluff this has! It can get a bit absurd sometimes but I don't care because AoMike! <3 

3. D-Day (Currently Airing)

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA! Not only because I'm a soon-to-be med student and this is one of the best medical dramas I have watched but because this drama has a really good storyline and one of my best OTPs ever! I really love everything about this drama, from the story to the characters to the rare cute OTP moments.

4. Kill Me, Heal Me (Completed)

Don't kill me please but I'm not really enjoying this as much. This has family secrets and childhood friends and whatnot and these things are really getting on my nerves. Plus I really don't like the female lead character. Hell I'm not even liking Park Seo Joon in this! The only person I do love is Ji Sung because he's an extremely talented actor and he's doing such an amazing job! But I have a hard time watching this. My mind wanders off and I just don't care about what is going on. I have zero interest in the family secrets and most things just irritate me. I'm pushing through though, hoping it'll get better for me.

5. Healer (Completed)

Saved the best for last. This drama is SO GOOD!! Like I can't even!!! I've restricted myself to watching 2 episodes each day otherwise I'd finish this in one sitting! This one also has past secrets and childhood friends and all that stuff and it does annoy me sometimes when it comes up but it is intriguing enough that I want to know what happened. Plus I'm totally in love with all the characters!! Especially our boy Healer! Damn, I could stare at Ji Chang Wook's face all day long! Wait, I already do that... But I can't help it! I mean look at him! And I adore the leading lady and this OTP! The story and characters are really well-written and I'm pretty sure this drama will end up in my all-time-favorites. Also, I love the OST! The music is so good that I downloaded the OST 4 episodes into the show. If you haven't seen this drama yet them please do yourself a favor and go watch it now! You won't be able to stop!


1. Once Upon A Time (Season 5)

I'm so glad this is back! I'm really loving Dark Swan and Camelot and Merida and the whole new story this season! Plus so much Captain Swan!! My heart is soaring! I can always count on OUAT to take all my worries away!

2. The Vampire Diaries (Season 7)

This has gotten so much better after Elena's departure! I don't know if it was that Elena was boring or that the writer's have improved but I'm loving the story this season! It is all so interesting! The Heretics, the three years later, the stone. I love where this is going!

3. Reign (Season 3)

What in the world are you doing, show?! How am I supposed to defend you now, huh? Ugh! I was hoping Reign would improve this season and while I'm happy on the politics front, everything is else is such a mess. This show has not only ruined all of my OTPs but also made me hate characters I used to love! I absolutely loathe Elizabeth. Completely hate her. I was hoping so badly that they would make her into a strong female character, you know something they failed to do with Mary, but apparently a strong female character is too much to ask for from Reign writers. Especially considering what they're doing with Catherine. The ONLY character left that I actually like is Francis. Who is *SPOILER ALERT* going to die! There's Bash too but he has so little screen-time that he might as well not be in the show at all. Not to mention all the absurd things that are happening this season. I really hope this show gets better. Or else even my love for Adelaide Kane won't be able to keep me watching.

4. Supernatural (Season 11)

I actually forgot I was watching this until I checked my list. And that my friends is how Supernatural is this season. Forgettable. I still love Sam, Dean and Cas and I'm actually pretty happy with the amount of Destiel we're getting considering last season it was next to nothing. And the story this season is interesting too. I think it's me who's getting tired of it. I do enjoy watching it still. But I'm not as enthusiastic about it as I used to be.

5. Sleepy Hollow (Season 1)

I'm not watching this "officially". Just an episode or two when I'm in the mood. I'm in love with Ichabod Crane! IN LOVE! He's so funny and adorable! I also love Abby! And their relationship. The story is sometimes hard to follow but it is pretty interesting.


Akatsuki no Yona

I'm only watching this one anime. I wanted to watch anime and I tried a couple upon my brother's suggestions but didn't like any of them. Then I saw an adorable picture on Tumblr of Hak & Yona and searched for the anime. The premise sounded good so I started watching it. And I'm loving it so far! The story, the characters, the animation and music. Love everything! Especially the OTP <3

Wow! I didn't realize I was watching this much stuff until I made this post... Well I deserve it after studying so much for so long! So, what are you watching & reading?

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