Thursday, September 27, 2012


I know I've been MIA for the past couple of days, but my senior year started at the beginning of September and it has been so hectic! It's so much harder than the previous classes and we do double the work we used to.. It just... it has been hard.. 

I get so many homeworks, teachers are going crazy! They think we are robots or something. And then there are revision tests. I'll be going to college next year so I really need to maintain my grades. Plus I'm the IT/Media Director of the MUN (Model United Nations) our school is hosting this year. I just have a lot on my plate.. It's really frustrating..

And that is why I was neglecting this blog. I'm really sorry for that. I'll try to manage my time better, and if that doesn't work either, then I may stop blogging. I'll still lave this blog running for anyone who wants to read the old reviews, and I may still post once in a while... lets just see what happens.

For now, I'm making some changes to the blog. First of all, I changed the email id for this blog. That means, if anyone wants to contact me please use the new email, i.e., instead of the old one, which was It will be easier for me to keep the blog related emails separate. I will still be checking the emails sent to the old id, but please update your contact list to the new one.

Next, my twitter account got hacked =(  So I had to make a new one. I lost all my old followers and the people I was following. Once again, I'm so sorry for that! I'll start following the people I still remember I was following before. My new twitter is @ViewsnReview.

Lastly, I'm not accepting any review requests right now. I already have many, which I will be taking care of soon, so for now no more review requests.

I'll also be updating the layout and everything. I took the day off tomorrow for that. I hope I can manage it all and make it work... Wish me luck!

And that's it. I'm sorry and thank you so much everyone!

~Love Hira 

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