Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aaagghhh!!! + The Earthquake Machine Giveaway Winner

I miss blogging so much! But life keeps getting in the way =/ First my computer broke down. Then my internet wasn't working. And now there are only 15 days left till my CIEs! And I'm a nervous wreck! *deep breath*

I just adore these GIFs! And lately I'm obsessed with Supernatural which explains the above GIF. Plus it suited the situation =P

I am so sorry I'm so late in announcing the giveaway winner. Well here it finally is. Congratulations to

Pragya Sharma!!

The winner will be contacted ASAP.

Note: The winner is chosen totally at random. There was no favoritism whatsoever. (I don't even know her/him =P)

News: I've read 2 books (in between my studying) and the book reviews which will be coming soon. To the authors/publishers I'm so sorry I'm so late in reviewing your books! I know this is very unprofessional but I'm just a student and exams are very very important (and always hanging above my head like a sword). My exams will end on 22nd and then my summer vacation will start so that's when I'll review your books. I know you must hate me, but I really am very sorry.


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